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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Changes are in the Air and Afternoon Tea...

You may have noticed some subtle (and perhaps some not so subtle) changes taking place around here. You know how it goes, you are only thinking of changing one thing; then all of sudden that change inspires something else and before you know it you are looking at changing a whole lotta things!
Which leads to.... 

I will be a little MIA from posting or visiting your wonderful blogs over the next couple of weeks. I have not forgotten you, just working on organizing and trying to spruce things up around here.

Should you pop around for a visit, read and/or for tea. 

I have arranged for these wonderful tea butler's to be here to greet you.

Gunther is more than happy to serve you tea, 
in the library....

Pierre will greet you for tea in the garden....

should you prefer to sit inside with a view from the terrace... 

Albert  will be happy to take care of you...

I hope you will stay and enjoy a cup of tea ... 
Please do share where you chose to enjoy your tea!

"I got nasty habits; I take tea at three." ~ Mick Jagger
Young... Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger enjoying a cup of tea!!!

UPDATE: I will be guest posting over at  Ava Grace's Closet on February 28th, please stop by and say hello. Susan has an amazing blog and each post she shares is visually amazing and inspiring!!

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  1. I hope everything is ok :) Enjoy your time off!
    We're sending you your GET LUCKY swap partner this weekend - hope you'll still be checking e-mails :)
    (I like your new header!)


  2. Lol! Love that last photo and I'll have tea anywhere "above" ;)

    Enjoy your weekend ~


  3. OH THAT IS A PRICELESS PHOTO!!!!!! They ruled the rock world and still had their tea...love IT!

    Celia dearest, how are you? I WAS JUST THINKING OF YOU as I was out today and then I come home to see that you visited!!! THANK YOU!!! And I pray that all is well with you. Organize, clean out, making changes...that is ALL WONDERFUL!

    You are kind to visit me dearest. LOVE! Anita

  4. Dearest Celia,

    You do what you need to do dear friend. Stay warm with some tea yourself and you can bet that we too keep the tea time alive!
    Love to you,


  5. have fun with the changes.....sometimes just a little change can lighten everything up. And cute butlers. ☺☺

  6. We'll miss you!
    Loving what you've done so far...hugs.

  7. Have fun with the changes. We will be looking for your return! Have a cup of tea for me.

  8. I prefer tea on the terrace, dahling. Will see you soon. Also, March 1st you'll see some major changes in my neighborhood, too.

  9. Come and go as you please my dear, we are always here waiting for your beautiful visits.

  10. Take your time my dear, I'll be awaiting your return. In the meantime I'll be attempting to change the look of my blog (preferably a template like you've used here with headers across the top and three columns).

    Hope all is well and that you're having a good weekend!


  11. aww i shall miss you for the time being, but come back :) xoxo

  12. We will miss you!! Happy decorating/organizing! If this is your wonderful blog at the moment, what will it look like after!? :) Let me know when all is done, so I can stop on by ASAP!

    Best Wishes from, Classic+Glam

  13. Hurry back, Celia, you will most certainly be missed. Can't wait to see all the exciting and creative new changes.
    I'll take my tea in the garden today, thank you. I have new background sound at my page that I think would go perfectly with that garden tea. ;)
    Love and blessings.

  14. Have fun with your organizing! Can't wait to see what new fun things you are up to

  15. My Dear Celia,
    I am looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us!
    I saw something while out and about today that reminded me of you.....
    expect a little package in the mail soon.

  16. Lovely post. Just saying hi. Thank you so much for keeping in touch.
    Have fun with your little break.

  17. Hi Celia, I'd love tea in the garden this afternoon! Your butlers are awfully cute!
    May God bless you, Beth

  18. LOVE your post...and the changes! Have a fun break and enjoy yourself as well! With the staff you've kindly left to care for us in your absence, I hope we can manage to make do until you return! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  19. That was TOO cute! I love your butlers, your tea service & of course, your castle! Have fun taking care of things.

  20. LOL! Don't be gone too long, but I'll enjoy tea with the gents! Happy Tea Day!

  21. Celia! You are adorable, and you make me laugh out loud! I love the "butler" post and what a brilliant way to tell people you are not going to be around for a bit!
    I will come see you when you return. Have a good time fixing things up!

  22. What a fun post!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us here in blogland! Change is good. I've been thinking about making some changes myself.
    I haven't seen that photo of Paul and Mick before although I did use Mick's quote in a tea post a while ago.
    I would enjoy tea in any one of those photos and wouldn't a butler be fun? Thanks for joining me for tea, my friend. Hope you're not gone too long. Take care.


  23. Hi: Loved being served. We will miss you! Hugs, Martha

  24. Dear Celia,
    my oh my, I don't know which one I should chose, Gunther, Pierre or Albert. LOL. I guess I have to have tea everywhere to try each of that great teas and treats.
    I hope your changes are lucky ones.
    Take care and best greetings,

  25. Hi Celia
    What a delightful morning surprise, my pick of butlers!
    Take your time in getting things the way you want, we'll be waiting for you to join us for tea again.

  26. Celia, How exciting to have you as my Get Lucky Swap partner! I stopped by to visit your blog and get to know you and am so blessed by doing so. You are an amazing woman and I am thankful to have been chosen to 'swap' with you! I have since become your follower both of GFC and the new linky. I sooo look forward to getting to know you better.

    Oh, and out of the butlers? I pick Albert and the view while drinking my tea! :)

    your new friend,

  27. Of course you'll be missed ... but I'm really looking forward to seeing your revised blog.

  28. How right you are that one change leads to another. I loved all the great photos and your precious comments. It would be great to just pop in on one of the places. Looking forward to you changes! Happy Tea Party! Pam

  29. Oh what a fun post. Love your butlers. Any one will do for me and I will have tea any time. Love it all. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, marty

  30. Change is good! Take your time, I love a good cup of tea! You will be missed, I will be checking in ...

  31. Why yes, Gunther, Pierre and Albert have been most helpful and kind! I loved our little tea party! Take your time dear, we'll be waiting right here :)!


  32. I have just found you again, I wondered why you were not coming to the top of my blogroll. Glad to see you!

  33. I am ready for tea in the parlor:-)

  34. Thanks for the eye candy!!!!!!!! ;-) Those fellows could serve me tea anytime! Enjoy your time away, and I hope you're able to get lots done. I know how it can be. Blogging takes a lot of time! Enjoy!!!!!!

  35. Love love your blog and yes I enjoyed the tea very much...tasty, of course because it was served from silver...does make a diff...lol...I am a new follower and I will be back again....

  36. OMGosh! That first picture would be great on my blog, don't you think? lol

    I know precisely what you mean... I have ben doing the same thing over at Sofia's Ideas and Nutrition Fruition. Little things, on the back end, but I just gotta! ;0

    See you when you get back! :)

  37. Am still catching up for being off a month! I actually ended up going over the month and it was worth it. More organized, more "with it" and will never go back to the way I was before taking time off. But I have missed you.

    I believe I'll have my tea in the garden, dahling. Will you join me?


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