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Monday, February 6, 2012

Front Door Romance

While the outside of our country home remains under upgrading (we took down the siding which we did not like ~ but remain undecided on stone, stucco or bead and board,) one place that I am able to add some touches to is our front entrance - will actually the door.

Christmas provides the greatest opportunity to liven up the entrance. But between Christmas and Easter is a long time. So, this year I have decided to add a little Romance to our entrance instead of leaving it bare.

 Here is the entrance, ready to greet our guests during Christmas....

And here it is ready to greet our guests during the month of Romance...

I've kept the cedar garland and changed the Christmas wreaths for hearts. 

I've also kept the greenery in the urns ... but removed the Christmas birds, balls and the pine cones from the red bows on the sides. (yup... there is what the outside walls look like tie-back - I think that's what that is called).

Added some hearts on a strand..... kept in a couple of the gold touches ...

and stuck in two hearts and an XOXO  using very tiny dowels.

There you have it ... Happy Romance Day!

Do you change your front entrance seasonally or by holiday?

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  1. Dearest Celia,

    No, we don't change our front entrance. Ours is in green with the white rose filet lace crocheted curtains and there is still a wreath hanging with a red ribbon. That goes painless from Christmas season to Valentine! It was a gift of love from our German 'daughter-in-law'...

    Thanks for the handwritten card that came in the mail on Friday! I'm overwhelmed this week with lots of sorrow, hours on the phone, emotional pain and now I MUST start catching up on my other chores. Oh, I also did do a 13-page legal/technical translation from German into English (all that with a headache...). But I lived on!
    A tight hug to you and lots of love; stay warm behind that lovely entrance! Looks so warm and inviting for coming inside...


  2. So lovely! I must say, wreaths or not, your double doors are quite impressive too!


  3. I love the transformation from Christmas to Romance! You are so right, that period from Christmas to Easter is a long time and with all the dreariness of Winter it is wonderful to dress up the entrance to the home a bit. You made it welcoming and a little whimsical, all at the same time. Kudos!

  4. Adorable! My urn still has the Christmas stuff on it...ooops! Perhaps I need to hire someone to get it all down!

  5. Oooh! I LOVE the Valentines theme; so quaint xx

  6. Dear Celia, soooo beautiful!!! Really nice! And I agree, tea is always right :) Hope your day is beautiful!!!!

    Kristin ♥

  7. Great ideas! I have an old iron urn similar to yours that is placed next to my front door. During the holidays I add ivy, greens, and berries. Gone now, I've replaced everything with seasonal flowers. I just posted a picture of it on my blog this morning! Planting Cyclamen at this time of year is risky - one cold snap and they are gone.

    Enjoy your day!

  8. Hi Celia, Just gorgeous for the season. Your doors are very welcoming and perfect to greet your guests. I loved the Christmas decor and the transition to Valentines and the Romantic month was perfect using the same greens. I just love your door detail too. So chic!! Thank you for sharing this. Decorating does start at the front door, doesn't it?
    Thank you for stopping by today and your kind comment. Have a great evening and blessings be yours.
    XO Celestina Marie


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