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Monday, September 12, 2011

Boarding the Boat ... Once Upon A Time

This is the 3rd instalment in the Once Upon a Time, a weekly series. 

The thought of returning Home, filled the princess with a warmth that she could not describe. With each movement towards the waiting crowd, the thought of Home became stronger and all sorts of visions started to appear in her mind's eye. Don't be afraid, she could hear voice (in thought of course) but it was not that of the figure shrouded in white. Suddenly before her and the crowd she had now joined, was a beautiful vision. The memories of lives lived are becoming accessible. By the time you finish crossing over you will recall all you have learned in those lives.

As the awaiting crowd continued to grow in 1000s ... what resembled a boat appeared through the mist. Guided by 3 white doves. As they boarded and took their spots, it was as if they were being stacked like sardines. Packed in tightly, the sense of balance was as if they were packed in side ways. Once again the beautiful vision before them communicated in thought. 

You will be given insight as to the affect your choice to return Home will have on the souls that are continuing their earthly journeys and lessons. 

As the vessel moved along ... shades of white, blue and a faint golden began to fill the space around them. 

Some of these souls you will recognize and others you may not (as you have not yet crossed paths on earth)  ... but you will see how your choice will affect them. When you chose Home , you did not know all of this ... so again you are free to choose.

The space around the princess was suddenly golden and she was surrounded by souls who having taken Angelic form would accompany their charge back to earth and care for her soul until it once again was reunited with the human body it had come from. The princess remained in a deep sleep and was not aware she was no longer on her way Home, but back to an earthly journey.

What do you think will happen next? Why was she going back to earth? Tune in next week for a continuation ... of


  1. I'm enjoying reading this series. It's written beautifully and draws the reader into the story. I'm glad she is on her way back. It was not her time yet. Beautiful pictures. I love the third one down from the top. I'll be back again. xoxo

  2. Lovely story and the images are gorgeous too xx

  3. What a lovely environment! I'm most inspired by the not letting your mascara run quote.

  4. Hi Celia...love this post and I love that you're standing up and standing out and making a difference..have a great rest of the day.

  5. Dearest Celia,

    What a touching, angelic and mythical journey you've made... Sure, the loved ones on earth must have been tugging strongly at your soul.
    Look forward to reading more of you remarkable comeback from the twilight zone.

    Love to you,


  6. Lovely .. beautiful words and gorgeous images ... xx

  7. I am totally engrossed in these posts. I think we are all desperate to know that there is a Heaven that awaits us and what is is like. Can't wait for the next installment. xo

  8. Goose pimples!

    How your view on life must be changed since this particular experience of nearly crossing over. You have made me less fearful about my own mortality through sharing your experience with us. Thank you, friend. xo

  9. Very well written Celia ... I love the way you've decided to share this!

  10. You have all of us on the edge of our seats!
    This is amazing .
    Have a pretty day ,

  11. So enjoying this series. Can't wait until next week. And the book. There should be a book. :)

  12. Hey HHL...wishing you a beautiful weekend...☺

  13. I AM CRYING.

    The greatest teacher of all, gives us a second chance, whether in this life or on the trajectory towards the light. You came back for a REASON. The task is to unfold your ending....my goodness this is stunning my friend...thank you also for you kind words this morning. BISOUS!!!! Anita

  14. ANGEL!!!!!!
    Beautiful images and some trues written in a romance formula....
    Love it!!!!!
    I think the princess was returning earth as she had not yet completed her mission..... just a guess ;-)

    So my angel I hope you're doing fine and full of your motivation to do so many things.

    I've been sooooooo stressed by my work. When I get home I just want to rest a bit.......

    Hope you're having a fantastic weekend and may life brings you many blessings.

    Love, love, love


  15. Celia,

    Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. I'm glad Fifi wrote her post about my shop opening because now I have found your blog! Fifi is a wonderful person and a very dear friend of mine. Her paintings are beautiful and whimsical and very hard for me to resist.

    You have a wonderful story going on here. I went back to your previous posts and read them and am very curious as to how this will end. I have many dreams of going home (only I am aware of what is being said in most conversations) and remember certain thoughts coming into my mind upon awaking that otherwise would not be there.

    I will be following you and thank you for becoming a follower of mine. I look forward to your comments and thanks again for the lovely words about my blog and shop. I'm sure we will be visiting on a regular basis.

    By the way, where are you located in Canada? I have a friend who lives in Victoria B.C.

    Cheery Regards,


  16. Thank you for your continuing friendship and support!
    I can't tell you what it means to me. Prissy's arm is almost fully healed (finally) and with all the physical therapy we have done her arm is almost straight again.
    Thanks again for always being there!

  17. Oh my! I'm not sure what will happen next, but I can't wait to read on next week!!! Thank you my dear friend, for supporting my dream of the Box of Sunshine and featuring my post in your blogger spotlight.
    Many hugs to you,

  18. Fantastic series-I am thoroughly enjoying it. Celia you are very gifted.

  19. Celia, I have just found your blog as I sit in the hospital with my brother. Your writing is beautiful and gives me a sense of peace as I listen to him breathe. I am sure he is surrounded by Angels as you were.


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