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Thursday, September 15, 2011

BlogLand Boutiques ~ Heard at the Tea Party ...

BlogLand's citizens are not only inspiring, supportive, witty, compassionate but also very creative and enterprising. Recently the Tea Girls were all a buzz about some fabulous finds by High Heeled Life and would no give up until they too were in the know about these boutiques.

Discovered a little over a year ago, French Bleu Vintage has been a regular source for wonderful vintage finds among the many treasures acquired from here, this little box is a delight.

Sorry .. having problems with my camera and cannot access photo.

The box is a vanity gold lace scroll bottom with a glass lid , which sits perfectly on my bathroom counter as keeper of face clothes. I will update this post, soon as I figure out what's wrong with camera.

The Blogger behind FRENCH BLEU VINTAGE Boutique is Dee whose blog by the same name is a wonderful stop on visits through BlogLand . Be sure to stop by and say hello FRENCH BLEU VINTAGE Blog

If you appreciate beautiful things DOLCE DREAMS Boutique is a must visit. When HHL Brother and Sister-in-Law welcomed baby Matthew into the world, there was no doubt he was going to be gifted one of the gorgeous baby quilts from Dolce Dream Boutique. When the quilt arrived it was gift wrapped in the most sweet tissue adorned with little Angels. But the contents was beyond magical, you can see the care, love and pride that went into every detail of this ustom hand-embroidered treasure.

( this is not the actual quilt. Though HHL brother and SIL know they are receiving one they do not know what it looks like - they have to wait till the next visit.) ~ image via Dolce Dreams

Need a few minutes of relaxation? Then you'll want to have one of the Lavender Eye Pillows with custom embroidering on hand (actually over your eyes). I cannot begin to express the wonderful added peace one of these adds to a a few minutes of closed eye relaxation...

Thank you Nathalie ... it is wonderful!!!

DOLCE DREAMS Blog is written by Nathalie and on a visit you will certainly be inspired by the fabulous images and wonderful discoveries she shares.

MARIETTE'S BACK to BASCS Boutique is the place to go to for all things divine and for adding a little luxury to life, while keeping it simple and elegant. Each item is listed with some information about its history. As you make your way through this boutique you will become aware of the thought and consideration that has been given to each item selected for the boutique, everything has a purpose. A fabulous source for  French items such as Christofle Silverware; Limgoes porcelaine; Giovanni Raspini Charms & Co Italy~ silver 925/000 items and Lampe Berger (HHL favourite).

Rare, Cherub Cameo Angelot lampe 

Since becoming the proud owner of this beautiful item, visits to this boutique have not disappointed. As Mr. G has said "I think you have found a personal shopper in Mariette. Each item is equally unique and beautiful, please leave some for other people."

For all things, travel, garden, etiquette, art of penning a letter you will not be disappointed with a visit to MARIETTE'S BACK to BASICS Blog

Personal gifting is taken up a step by the recent opening of ROYAL RIBBONS Boutique. Image receiving a gift with a ribbon that has your name on it!! How extra special would you feel!! or if you are entertaining sending your guests home with a little Friendship gift that has a ribbon imprinted with the celebrated occasion.

Chocolate Canadian Dollar coins, wrapped and secured in place with Royal Ribbon personalized ribbon to celebrate Canada Day BBQ.

The creative mastermind behind this wonderful idea is blogger Suburban Princess who writes THE LIFE of a SUBURBAN PRINCESS Blog. For wonderful musings of living in a small town, while trying to hold on to her city ways, you will be delighted with each post. 

What wonderful shopping spots have you discovered 
through BlogLand? Please share...

On the next - HEARD at the TEA Party .... 10 Reasons to visit Paris ...


  1. Great places... I love blogland. Thanks so much for your visits. Still sick here but baby is doing good. Loved your last post too.
    Have a super day!

  2. at some point in my life i HAVE to have a dress like that and wear it to tea!

  3. Thanks so much for the promo!

    I remember being with you when you bought your Lampe! They have lots of them there - I pop in from time to time and smell all the oils :O)

  4. Dearest Celia,

    Just got home from Europe... long day. It was a sweet surprise to read your comment and finding out that you mentioned me on your lovely blog! THANKS dear friend and loyal customer!!!
    Off to bed now...

    Love to both of you,


  5. Oooooh la la! Wait a second, I just need to grab my credit card. What wonderful shops! I recently got in touch with Laura from this shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SpunSugarPaperie?ref=pr_shop

    Fabulous items!

  6. I just found you through Karena. You might want to check out our fire sale on our website. Many of our vendors are cleaning house!!

  7. These boutiques are lovely. I'm glad to have found you (through sis Blessed Rain)

  8. That is wonderful of you to share these sites with us! We need to support our sister bloggers!!! Thank you!
    Have a pretty day!

  9. Bonjour Celia ~ many thanks for the shoutout. The best part about having a shop in Blogland are the wonderful people we meet along the way. Im off to shop a bit now.


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