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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Every High Heel Loving Gal’s worst nightmare…

….. (Especially when she depends on heels to give her that extra 2 or 3 inches nature forgot to give her) is being told that heels are no longer a sensible option - when one can’t  get-around without the aide of a wheel chair or cane. Well, that was me at the beginning of my detour.  Now 3 1/2  years later I still turn to flats as my rescue (not saying that I like it ... but hey, at least I'm walking..) and am looking to incorporate a few pairs into my wardrobe - once I figre out my "new" style and thus shoe needs to accompany it.
So what does a well heeled girl do when heels are no longer a sensible option – turn to flats of course? But not just any flats – imagine my delight when an, oh so sweet friend gifted me with 2 pairs of Christian Louboutin flats. I didn’t even know CL flats existed until that day.

Here are some current Christian Louboutin flats being offered at Net-A-Porter (my new favorite internet friend..LOL). I'll be waiting for them to go on sale .... and hope they are still there during the Final Sale.. really liking the Rosella leather flats.

When walking is only required from house to car and from car to destination, with little walking required thereafter, I slip on some heels. It took me some time to adjust to bringing those [flat shoes] along “just in case”. But my fashionable flats remain close at hand and often save me from myself.

What are your go to flats – when heels must come off (kicking and screaming, of course)?

images: Net-A-Porter - current shoes available; HHL-my shoes


  1. Two completely different pairs; equally fabulous!! I've been lusting after those Picalle flats from Loubou since I spotted them on Net-A-Porter!

  2. I was going to say just bring your heels with you and slip them on right before you walk into whatever fabulous place you are going!

  3. OMG, my dear these shoes are just gorgeous!!!
    Love love love the first pair and the second on a diferent vibe is also great.
    I must confess that I'm a more heels person, but I always have a flat pair of shoes, because from time to time I have to do my legs some rest. I know how flats are important.... I also have worn flats for a long time after I started to walk again and we can have fun with them as I know you are having, my friend!!!!!


  4. those are very chic. what a dear friend
    you have to supply you with louboutins!
    i coveted a pair of the heels, until i tried
    them on! ouch!!!

    i bought a bag, instead. :)

    i love this blog, because i can tell that
    even though you come from 'somewhere
    up there' you are still so down to earth.

    this country bumpkin

  5. I had to go flat for a long time with a toe injury and back problems.
    I use high heels for special occasions. Right now i have very classy flip flop with a little shell flower on the side. I like simple ballerina flats too. I have a Black polka dots.

    THANK YOU for your care and support. You know it really makes a difference for me. It gives me strength. THANK YOU for your friendship and encouragement.

  6. What beautiful flats! After too many years of working in heels (and I am a shoe girl too!), I have arthritis in my feet, and also can't where heels unless it is a short time walking, or I want to be in pain for days after. I am happy to see more fashionable "comfort/support" shoes out there...I swear by Cole Haan Nike Air, and just discovered Born...
    Even these lovely flats you have here would't do well for me...
    Have a great day!

  7. OMG you were gifted 2 pairs of Louboutins wow, I need a friend like yours!

  8. What an awesome friend! Love the flats!!! So cute. My go to pairs are from Talbots. Not quite as fancy ( :

  9. I love all your flats, these are great! I have been curious about the gladiator sandals, they are super cute, I'm just not sure I could pull them off! I love my Tory Burch flats and I have a pair of Cole Haan flats with the Nike soles that are SO comfy, the perfect shoe for work travel.

    BTW Come on over, I've got an award for you here!! xoxoxo

  10. After spending the day in 5inch wedges and my back aching a tad... I am loving flats.. I saw some wonderful Tory Burch on Net a Porter, I really like her stuff its slightly more edgy and carries a lower price tag xx

  11. Wildernesschic: Thanks for the suggestion - I like Tory Burch ... I will check them out... wedges are my second go to. Have a great day!


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