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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dolce's PawsPost - Garden Walk

I waited and waited for Mommy to take me on our evening garden walk. Did she forget? It was Thursday evening and I had a post to paw for Friday! What would I post if we didn't go for our walk? I paced at the garden door, in hopes of reminding her. Where was she? Finally I decided to go see what was taking her so longgggg!

As I ran up the stairs I could could hear Daddy saying "don't forget the sun block," I went around the corner so fast - that I slid into Mommy's clostet - stopped only by the purple box on the floor. What was this? Mommy looked down at me, "I'm going to miss you!" - miss me? I am right here! Lets go for our walk I barked softly and wagged my tail ... "can you take him for his walk, I still have so much to pack" she said to Daddy. "Oh, and can you take the camera and take some pics of the gardens and Dolce - as he explores on his walk".

Walks with Daddy are always lots of fun... he lets me run freely and takes me past the stream and to the other side of the forest. We had so much fun playing. When we came back in - Mommy was still upstairs. "did you get some good pics of Dolce's walk for his post?" Opps, we had so much fun playing we forgot to take pictures. "No worries, I don't think I will have time to post, I'm tired and I just finished packing". "Packing"  where are we going?

When my Mommy and Daddy went downstairs to get something I started to look around for my DoggiePack, sniff, snifft, sniff. Then I heard Daddy saying to Mommy "don't worry - we will be fine, you are only going for the week-end, you need a break." Whatttt? I'm not going? I had to get in this box, I had to go too! I love going on vacation!!!

"Check out your suitcase...laughing ..." Daddy called to Mommy. Ahhh busted ... I knew I should have hid under her clothes.

Friday morning, we woke up really early! I thought I'll just jump into my chair at the door and give Mommy my best "puppy doggie eyes" this always gets me extra treats - so she will have to take me too!

All I got was a walk ... and a short one!!

Here are a couple of pics, from this morning's very, very, very, very  short walk;

I guess Mommy really is going without me ... Daddy says its too hot in Bermuda for me. Maybe I will have some doggie play dates.

This is my Sister- Stella, she is not as small as me, but she is lots of fun to play with! She is a Yellow-English Lab.
This Bella, she is a Maltipoo - she likes to chase me all the time. We have lots of fun.

This is Daisy - she is a Papichon - she use to hide from me and jump on the couch so I couldn't catch her. But, now that I'm a big Doggie, I can keep up with her.

Oh, in her busy Friday morning, Mommy forgot to post my PawsPost so you get to hear from me 2 times this week. When, Mommy gets back she promised to take me for an extra long garden walk. See you Friday!!!


  1. totally adorabl e!

    i hope you had a great weekend and got lots of rest.

    thanks so much for all your comments ... they're much appreciated.

    i always look forward to your wise words of wisdom.

    hope you have a great balance of the week and be very, very happy you're not downtown anymore. I'm right on the border of the G20 traffic zone ... what a nightmare!

    gotta run!

  2. Hope it was tons of fun for you. I love the butterfly picture :)

  3. Well hello there, my well-heeled friend! What darling creatures you have!!! How was Bermuda? WHAT A PLACE TO SEE! Well, summer vacation has started for me and I am having fun already. Thank you for stopping by to visit dearest; it is always so nice to see your little logo pop up in my comments page!!! I am off to California on Friday and will be back at the end of the month. Take care now and ENJOY! ANita

  4. FABULOUS furry faces!!! Ooooh how I would love to have a purse dog!


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