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Monday, October 30, 2017

Port Party on a Monday Night! ~ iYellow Wine Club

If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know that there is always a reason to celebrate, and relaxing is not optional! And what could make these two things even more fabulous? Well, a flute of bubbly or glass of wine of course. So imagine my delight when I discovered a local wine club that offers wine events, tours and classes.

One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is SuperWineGirl, and lovelies she is a local Torontonian!! Her Insta feed is filled with all things wine, and amazing food pairings, great tips and parties.  Angela Aiello is the gal behind SuperWineGirl, and if inspiring us with her adventures and wine photos wasn't filling our love for all things wine? I recently learned she is also the creator of iYellow Wine Club, 
"The coolest place to learn about wine. The Best Wine Classes in the City." ~ Toronto Life Magazine

As a Portuguese born gal - whose favourite port wine is Taylor Fladgate, there was little arm twisting needed to get me out a Monday night to attend the Taylor Fladgate 325 year Port Party - hosted by iYellow Wine Club at Spoke Club, with a gal pal, last week; and let me tell you it was an amazing 
experience - in my friends words "best wine party we have attended together in a long time!". From the friendly staff, to the entertainment, snacks and wine sampling it was all done with elegance and attention to detail. I had the opportunity to speak with Angela, and she is most lovely and friendly. I look forward to attending future iYellow events and taking a class or two to learn more about different wines. With the holidays just around the corner the class on Holidays favs is already on my possible activity list for November.

Here are some photos of the Taylor Fladgate Port Party I attended ... enjoy!

A beautiful vision!!! 

the 1967 was beyond amazing!!! 

Angela and Celia

 Jorge Ramos, Taylor Fladgate

This was a super moist - melt in your mouth cake ...  
The baker behind the amazing cake ....Laura Strath, pastry chef - Simply Cake 

 Jorge and Celia

Fabulous outing in Toronto!!
White Port ....!! 
and we had made our way through the fabulous port sampling 

To learn more about:
iYellow events, tours and classes visit the website HERE or on Instagram HERE
Taylor Fladgate visit the website HERE or on Instagram HERE
Simply Cake - on Instagram HERE
Super Wine Girl - on Instagram HERE

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  1. Dearest Celia,
    What a lovely event you went to and certainly in relation to your Portuguese roots!
    Early in Pieter and my relationship we used to enjoy some Portuguese port, after dinner and we kept that tradition here in the USA.
    But with me having diabetes type 2, discovered in 2007, there is not much alcohol enjoyment in my life since than.
    Nevertheless, it remains a very elegant tradition for indulging in some fine dining!

  2. It's not the wine that draws, it's that BEAUTIFUL cake. Almost looks like Red Velvet - love the fondant. It looks like you had a wonderful time - yay!

  3. Yes! it really was amazing cake! ... top layer red velvet, middle layer vanilla, bottom layer chocolate!! You would have loved it <3

    1. Yes, I would have loved it! My mom also made one that came out at the same time Red Velvet began making waves. It was called Red Earth Cake and it has coffee in it. It also had that dark red icing (also with coffee in it)- oh it is totally delish in a different way.


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