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Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Month in Photos - April 2017

When you take time to reflect ... it's amazing how many small things you really enjoy!
Here is a snapshot of what made my April...

The bitter cold made way for mild chills and the urns on the front porch got a little more colorful.
Enjoyed afternoon tea at Colette Grand CafĂ© with my friend Shirley ... 
Attended a women's networking event at Verity - learned great stuff and mingled with some amazing 
women who are building their Empires!
Easter lunch at home was a great reminder of the importance of having 
regular gatherings over a meal.
 The great weather beckon road trips to the country home .. and these two were all in!
The Resilientista Magazine launched in April with the Spring 2017 issue. 
If you missed it you can read it here ... and you can subscribe ( IT'S FREE) HERE.
Attended CAFTCAD - one of Toronto's busiest working stages - WOW ! what unique finds 
from film and television productions shot in Toronto - such fun!!
Made my way to the Evergreen Brick Works and discovered some amazing Belgium waffles. 
Will be keeping an eye out for where the Wafel Bar truck will be in the city this summer. 
My favourite highlight for April was making it to High Park to enjoy the cherry blossoms!
It really is magical - and this year Mother Nature really put on quite a show..

What made your high light reel in April ?

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  1. absolutely gorgeous!! looks like a fabulous April!!

    1. Thank you Sandy ... despite all the rainy days - many fun filled were experienced! :)

  2. Great post Celia, I happened to write a similar post about things that got me excited in April ;-) Do pop over xx

    1. Will do my friend ... sorry i"ve been MIA ... trying to keep up with all that has been happening.

  3. Dearest Celia,
    What a bubbly post this is.
    That no doubt was a great afternoon tea with your friend.
    Also the cherry blossom visit is indeed magical. Great photo of you too!
    We had almost no cherry blossoms, due to the frost... so sad.
    Your Resilientista Magazine stands out!
    LOVED the coconut flour waffle recipe and have to try this very soon.
    Brushing the waffle iron with coconut oil is also a very clever tip!
    Finally catching up on things.
    We had Pieter's Birthday, a special double-digit one and I also got past the Revue.
    All went well, except that for the rehearsal on May 2, I fell off the risers... Did not focus well enough on the very limited space, when making my dance steps.
    Turned out that I was the first person ever in 20 years to fall off the risers. But I rolled down those two levels very well. Nothing broken, only bruised. My left thumb area was swollen and bruised and also my right underarm is badly bruised and bumped.
    But no problems with next day's performance and again on Friday evening with the sound and light all in place, after coming home from a Graduation. Saturday we performed twice and all went well. The DVD will be out by the end of this month; can't wait! Pieter of course did sit through the entire Revue of all 4 choirs, the younger girls and us mature ones.
    Sending you hugs,

  4. I'm trying to figure out why I missed all the posts I've missed! April, April... it's July 17 now. April... I have no idea! But I'm sure it was great. I loved your pictures and can't wait to try the Badoit sparkling water.


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