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Monday, February 6, 2017

Toronto Tea Festival

This was my first time attending this tea event. It took place at the Toronto Reference Library in the Appel Salon.. As you can see from the photos above it was very well attended. I was there mid afternoon and to be honest found it a little overwhelming. It was difficult to actually get to some exhibitors and learn about the teas/products they were selling.
I was really looking forward to seeing the various Tea Ceremonies ... but found all the commotion and noise from the festival floor very distracting (as it was literally going on a row of chairs behind the stage), and making it difficult to hear the commentator describing the ceremony. While I was there I took in the Japanese and Korean ceremonies.

Korean Tea Ceremony ... Enjoy

I did manage to discover two delightful products ...

Tea salt scrubs ... who  knew? 
F&B Tea Co. - is offering up face and body tea infused salt scrubs. I didn't really have a chance to learn much about the company - as it was a busy spot, making it challenging to really have a chat with staff. I tried to learn more about the company on line ... but there wasn't a lot of information on the Facebook or Instagram pages.  At the tea festival I did get to smell and touch the salt scrub samples ... and was impressed enough to buy the sampler pack, which is creatively presented on a birch branch (I'll be sharing more - once I've had a chance to use the product). 

Chai Latte - Hello!
Chaiwala Chai - have packaged some real goodness and made it simple to enjoy chai - tea or as a latte (which I've made at home and am in love!!) using milk or milk alternative. The fragrance of the chai is as delightful and warming to the senses as the liquor of the tea is to the body. It has create some competition for my hot chocolate moments. 

Chaiwala is the creation of Eamon & Becca, who live in Toronto - you can read more about how they came to be Chaiwalas here . I had the pleasure of speaking with Becca for a few moments, and her enthusiasm and passion about tea flows with ease. Also check out their blog for a bounty of recipes, who knew chai could be used in so many ways.
Over all I found the show to be well attended ... but that could be more reflective of the small venue for the number of attendees. There were some interesting exhibits - if only you could actually get to the staff to learn more about the product. For the well versed in tea attendee I'm certain it is a gold mine of finds ... for those new tea or wishing to expand their knowledge (like myself) it can be overwhelming. To be able to experience a traditional tea ceremony is priceless - hoping  next year they have a separate space, away from the distraction of the festival crowds at the exhibitor tables. If I attend next year I will try going early in the day (as in when the festival first opens) to try and avoid the over crowding.

You can learn more about the Toronto Tea Festival by visiting their website here.

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  1. I am a real tea lover so this event would have been right up my alley! I love the idea of tea salt scrubs!

  2. Celia, looks like an event I would've enjoyed; but I'd go early to try to beat the crowd. You're right about them needing to do the tea ceremonies in a separate quiet space. A convention floor is not conducive!


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