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Friday, October 7, 2016

De-Stressing Essentials To Re-energize Mentally & Physically

Life can be full of stress on the best of days, mix in the holidays; a life altering unexpected experience; or an overflowing to-do list; and you may find yourself teetering between mental and or physical burn out on a regular basis. Practicing self care on the daily is key to being able to deal with what life throws your way. 
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I'm a huge advocate of adding yourself into your planner. Just like you commit to a meeting for business, with a friend or community event - it is important to schedule a meeting with yourself regularly throughout your week (if not daily). Select activities that will help re-energize you mentally and physically, so that should a situation arise instead of reacting, you are able to calmly think through the situation for a positive out come.

Some de-stressing essentials I sprinkle throughout my weekly planner include:

~ Meditation
~ Yoga
~ Gardening (if season permits)
~ Listening to soothing music
~ Taking a walk
~ Energy Healing (Reiki, Reflexolgy, etc.)
~ Massage
~ A warm bath
~ Nap
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Schedule "me" time, to ensure no distractions or interruptions. If you live with others let them know that you will be unavailable for the next (fill in the blank) minutes - they will need to find their own lost keys, socks etc. Turn off phones, and other technical gadgets - if you need to share your 'me" time on social media, do it before or after your appointment with yourself. Spending time with yourself in a quiet space enables you to reconnect with your ISTA ~ your inner self.

How do you de-stress from the day?

You are the curator of your life so make it luxurious,

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  1. Dearest Celia,
    Would welcome that luxury and looking forward to it.
    We had a rather busy week, doctors appointments for Pieter and it takes up a lot of our time.
    Got my flu shot and hope that this year I do escape the flu, that hit me right at Christmas evening...
    We had to skip our biking for today as it is wet, not really raining bad but not good for being out in the open.
    The hurricane is not as bad as they'd reported at first, but still it took the power away from about one million people and lots of lives in Haiti and some in Florida. So sorry for those people and here in town, we too have a shelter for the evacuees.
    Travel on the roads has been affected by it as they all came west bound, away from the coast, using both lanes of the Interstate.
    May it soon be calm again and hopefully the damage is not too bad for those people affected by it.
    Hugs and happy Thanksgiving Weekend to you both.

    1. When we heard the news mention Georgia, both of us thought of you and Pieter immediately. Glad to hear you are not in the path. We are keeping all those affected in our prayers. Hope you can manage some relaxing, soothing rituals this weekend. Hugs to you both..xo

  2. I know I am not in the majority, but I love running to destress. It helps me refocus and just gives me time in nature. I love it!


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