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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

5 Things I'm Loving Right Now ...

Sharing some new discoveries, and some long time fav's - 
that are helping me live life luxuriously balanced at the moment.

1. Di-Stress Mi Everyday Pairing - Miyu Beauty: It has been a busy summer here at High Heeled Life HQ , designing and creating a line of  HHL and Resilientista products that will officially launch in September. So when this little duo of beauty and tea pairing from Miyu Beauty came my way, as a prize when I attended an event for women hosted by  the folks at The Well Connected - to say this duo couldn't have come at a better time does not begin to express my joy!! 
If you follow along on Instagram, you will have seen the di-stress mi beauty tea has been a regular on my afternoon tea breaks. The blend of peppermint, licorice and chamomile blossoms is fresh and earthy - think soothing and rejuvenating together. Being caffeine-free makes it the perfect pick me up throughout the day or as a little luxurious comfort at the end of a long day. 

And when things get a little overwhelming (which with the products/ launch, working on the 2017 Resilientista Self Care Planner and some other goodies - it has been a steady stream of organized - sometimes disorganized chaos) I'm finding myself reaching for a little spritz of di-stress mi beauty essence, on the daily. The serum mist works to calm inflammation and redness, fights stress-induced free radicals, and helps to rebuild the skin barrier to promote, more resilient skin. 

2. The Chocolate Heart  - Laura Florand: While most scrambled to pick up the new summer reading releases, I made my way to the discounted tables of Indigo at Bay/Bloor.  Long time readers of HHL will know how much I love Paris and all things French - and a little chocolate and romance - OUI!! The title of this book and the cover intrigued me to give it a go - but once I started reading I was HOOKED!! This is my first time reading something by Laura and I assure you it is not going to be my last! The way she transports you to the characters deepest, raw thoughts and the way she breaks open the characters giving you a glimpse into what shaped them to the people they are today, slowly peeling back each thin layer in the most seductive manner. The Chocolate Heart - a must read for anyone who loves desserts, dreams of Paris and has a romantic side. I can't wait to read one of the many other books by Lauara Florand in the Chocolate series.

3. Coconut Yogurt Rivier Petit Pot: Among the many things I miss about Paris is the amazing thick and creamy textured yogurt that you find at the markets, in glass or ceramic containers. Imagine my delight when my friend Susan tagged me that an Instagram friend posted about yogurt that came in little glass pots!! and shared you can get them HERE in Toronto, at Loblaws!! Disappointingly the closest Loblaws was not carrying them (insert a huge mais pourquoi! and the beginning of the hunt for elusive yogurt). I still recall the first time I got my hands on one of these magical petit pots - the excitement to get home and try it! The anticipation of would it be as great as my Paris memories? Mon amis ... if you have experienced thick, creamy yogurt from a glass/ceramic pot you know what I'm saying.  I was not disappointed - and I know had two favourite types of yogurt!! From Rivier - coconut is my go to!! The Rivier brand is part of the Chalifoux family's dairy product offerings which have been operating in Sorel-Tracy since 1920. Be sure to visit their website for information on all their products and selection of yogurts. If you haven't tried yogurt in a glass pot, I say run to your closest Loblaws (not that these darlings are expensive - but they seem to offer the best regular price of $4.99 for a package of 4 and often on sale for $3.99 . I have seen them in most Loblaws stores now, and I know Pusateri's also carries them), you will thank me later. 

4. LIP GLACÉ - in nectar- Laura Mercier: I have been reaching for this little gem all summer long! It easily glides on and is long lasting. In the summer I really like to keep my look natural and I love that I don't need to use a lip linear - it stays in place and the hint of nectar shade is perfect. It provides a natural dewy shine making my lips appear a little fuller and smooth. Though the CNE may mark the unofficial end of summer ... according to the weather specialists, Toronto is still in for a lot of hot days ahead, so if you are not ready to return to lipstick just yet and find glosses too thick and shiny - add this little gem to your make up - visit the counter at Holts on Bloor.

5. Taming of the Curls - Deva Curl: Sometimes its good to give something new a try. I have been happy with my current curly hair styling products - they work well, so as any gal with natural curls will tell you - if its working don't change it. But, recently when I forgot to pick up some of my regular product, I took it as a sign that it was the day to try the Deva styling products that a dear friend had included in a recent care package to me. Skeptically I looked at the Set it Free and Light Defining Gel - I'm use to a cream product to lock in my curls - so I combined the two Deva products. I applied and let my curls air dry ... the results were so amazing - soft, shapely curls - no frizz -  I immediately shared a selfie of my curls with my social media friends. High humidity and blow outs don't go together (at least not after 5-10 minutes of leaving salon unless you agree to lots of product) - so you may as well embrace them au natural curls!  If your products aren't living up to your expectations or you are considering trying something new as a natural curly haired gal - who lives for her blow outs - I say give Deva Curl a try! 

What are you loving right now?

You are the curator of your life so live it luxuriously ,

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  1. Dearest Celia,
    That is a wonderful listing of summer joys.
    Oh, how I would love to stil be allowed to indulge in such creamy yogurts... I have to leave dairy products out of my diet, due to my kidney problems but it is a joy to read your story as my tastebuds too well recall this pleasure.
    Laura Mercier does have great lip glosses and funny but I favor them now above the 'old' lipsticks.
    Sending you summer hugs and hope you will be able to indulge for a couple of more weeks to come!


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