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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Putting My Best Face Forward - Part 1

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, 
then the eyebrows are the curtains that frame these windows...

Looking in the mirror lately, 
I would have to admit my curtains could use a little TLC.  
How about yours? 

I decided to start "Putting My Best Face Forward" series with eyebrows, because properly shaped eyebrows can do more to improve your appearance than most other beauty treatments. It doesn't matter if you are young, mature, high or low maintenance, learning to properly shape your eyebrows is a must.

We look at magazines filled with pages of faces with seemly perfect brows, while staring back at us in the mirror our own brows appear too bushy, too thin, straggly and/or sparse. Before you know it the tweezers are out or we rush into the closest nail shop or hair shop for some waxing or threading trying to get those "perfect brows". In most cases after such rash attempts we commit the next misstep - trying to fill in what has been lost without proper instruction - remember when you first held a crayon as a child and tried to colour? Need I say more ... What we over look is that the women looking back at us from the pages of the glossy magazines with their seemly perfect brows, have professional eyebrow groomers (whose sole job is to make the brows look seemly perfect) shape them and craft them. The results are not achieved by plucking, waxing or threading alone - but with pencils, powders, wax and most important a skilled hand.

After decades of overzealous tweezing, the occasional  numerous unsatisfied trips to a salon for waxing or threading and entering my woman of a certain age years it seems  the requirement for tweezing is lessening - you know what I'm saying ladies. Now it's about how to fill in and maintain what remains, without looking like Grouch Marx's mustache has somehow landed on my brows. I've tried following on-line tutorials and invested in an Anastasia Beverly Hills brow kit - but even with the stencils it was all too confusing. With so much focus being put on eyebrows these days I decided to seek the professional help of a "brow whisper".

After speaking with friends, calling or  walking into various local lash and brow specific salons to inquire about their services (aka - checking out staff knowledge) I came across MYNC lash lounge and brow bar. From the moment I stepped through the door, the friendly and welcoming reception staff  made me feel comfortable and thoroughly explained what I could expect on my first visit. They also confirmed that it was at least 2-3 weeks since I last tweezed (not every salon I spoke with asked this before wanting to book my appointment that same day or the next) - this is important so that your brows are their fullest for a proper brow consultation.

On appointment day I arrived fresh faced with my hair pulled back. I was offered beverages and again I was made to feel quite comfortable. MYNC  is on a 2nd floor with  massive windows. There is not only an abundance of natural light to fill the grooming areas - you get a wonderful view to look out onto. 

As I settled in my chair "brow whisper" Crystal asked me a series of questions to get  a firm understanding of what my brow concerns were; what I was hoping for my brows and what my maintenance practices have been. Then I was provided with options: tweezing, waxing or threading and the whole brow grooming process was explained. 

Measuring I discovered is really an important step.... who knew ???

Crystal used a white pencil to mark the brow measurements and areas that would be filled in (this was my biggest requirement) and anything outside of that would be tweezed ( I opted for my old friend the tweezers). She also did some trimming ... 

Again who knew eyebrows needed a trim?

Every step of the way Crystal explained everything and after each row was tweezed I was given the mirror (just as I had when she explained what she would be doing with the white pencil marks) to decide how much further I was comfortable with going... I got to 2 rows. Then it was time to fill in and build the brow ... The colour pallet was very similar to the one I had been experimenting with at home and I learned that I should not be afraid to use the wax pod - as it seals the powder. Again Crystal made sure I had mirror in hand and thoroughly explained everything she was doing so that I would be able achieve these results at home - with practice.

As you can see there are some sparse areas and some straggly hairs.

A little minor tweezing for shaping, a little trimming and filling-in 
where needed and my brows are were ready to face the world!

During my session Crystal shared some wonderful tips to help protect and take care of brows:

1. Sleep on a silk  pillow case 
 with your face rubbing back and forth on your pillow case during the night 
the friction on cotton and other fabrics can result in thinning of the brows (much like your hair)

2. For those of us with sparse brows 
Castor oil is a natural way to encourage brow regrowth
though a slow process (4-6 months) to seeing any results 

3. Use a brow brush/comb 
 this will help prep the brows for filling in

4.  Use the wax in your brow kit 
 it will help to seal the powder/pencil in place

5. If using a pencil
use light feathery strokes for a more natural look

What I came out of my professional brow grooming experience with:

1. Wishing eyebrow grooming specific salons had been around when I was in my 20's

2. It's amazing how cleaning up just a few straggly hairs
and proper shaping can give your face an instant pulled together look

3. How to properly use a brow kit I already owned

4. The importance of using a highlight colour on brow bone/arch 
 this really opens up the eye area giving you a more youthful look

5. The best 20 minutes I've spent on myself in long time

Your brows don't need to be twins - but they do need to look like they are related!

Ladies, whether you are a 20 something, a woman of a certain age or somewhere in-between I highly recommend seeking out a Brow Expert in your area. Properly styled brows really do make a difference to your appearance. It may seem like not much is removed - but the results are very subtle and that is the idea - is it not? As for how often you will need to have follow up appointments will depend on how fast your brows grow or how comfortable you are maintaining your brows on your own after they have been professionally shaped. At the very least I suggest seeing a brow professional at every season change. Remember properly shaped brows bring balance and proportion to the whole face.
In Toronto check out  MYNC's lash lounge and brow website for locations 
and more information on brow, lash and make-up services offered. 
Thank you Crystal for an amazing experience!

What have been your brow experiences? 
Please share any brow tips you have in the comments below.

You are the curator of your life so live it luxuriously ,

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  1. Celia, this is such good advice. I woke up one morning a few years ago to discover that the hairs in my left eyebrow had all dropped out so I have been using a palette ever since. It's amazing the difference it makes to sporting groomed eyebrows. Of course, when I feel mischievous, I paint them on upside down or arched just for fun!

  2. This is brilliant. SO important! I overtweezed when it was "in" and growing them back has been a nightmare. That said, I use the eyelash and brow goody that I tested and they are def growing back. I also get professionally threaded and try not to touch them myself. Liking mine more and more but it takes time!
    Looking good my friend!! xox

  3. I would love a place like this!!! A good brow can make your face! This is a great post!

  4. Your brows look great! I can't wait to try the castor oil! My brows are blonde so without color they aren't seen. Sparse in places, too. I tried Maybelline Brow Drama Brow Mascara, and OMGosh. What a huge difference in looking natural!! No powder to wear off during the day; nothing but natural looking brows and natural looking color! So very easy to use, too. Wish they'd had it around years ago! I LOVE THIS SERIES ALREADY!

  5. Dearest Celia,
    Those are certainly the blessings of living in a cosmopolitan city! But I love the results on your eye brows. Back in The Netherlands I've had my brows tweezed professionally but not here. I've been using always the Chanel Crayon Sourcils Sculpting Eye Brow Pencil and that has served me very well.
    Need to get me a new one...
    Sending you hugs and blessings,

  6. Trully that's what I'm thinking of recently. To brow or not to brow. i'm in two minds!


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