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Monday, October 27, 2014

Be Kind to the Person You are Today

Whether we plan for it, suspect change is on the horizon or it appears completely unexpected - change is a constant thread in all of our lives. Another constant about change is that when it happens you are affected for the rest of your life. That (often blink of an eye) moment in time will become a new bench mark for how you see things, people and your actions going forward – good or bad the change will affect you.

As I write this within less than 48 hours the 8th year post the change (you can read about it here) that has had the most impact on my life will end and the 9th year post will begin. Yes, there will always be pre and post and that is OK – I’m finally able to accept this. With this new acceptance clarity that I have been moving forward but with a strong tie to the ghost of who I was in 2006. In the past 8 years I have never considered that whom I was and the life I lived would have changed – perhaps for the better, perhaps not – that will forever remain a mystery. This was my AH HA moment ... 

Today I am not the person I was pre-accident, but guess what I’m also not the person I was immediately after the accident nor 3, 5 etc. years post – heck I’m not even the same person I was last year. After all, Change is constant So instead of holding myself up to the ghost of who I was 8 years ago I’m embracing this life I have (and setting goals for my future) while being more caring of the person I am today !

6 ways to be kind to yourself:

Meditating at Santa Monica Pier
- Meditate
In this chaotic world of constantly being connected it is important to give your mind a little quiet time. At the end of each day a simple 5 minutes will help quieten the mind and you'll start to get a better night's sleep. Start your day with 5 minutes it's a great way to start with peacefulness - setting the tone for the rest of your day. Over time you can work up to 10, 15, 20 minutes at a sitting, you'll know what works best for you.

- Warm Lemon and Water
Before you reach for the coffee, tea or other morning beverage of choice - sip a cup of warm lemon and water - think of it as a warm up time for your body. Think about it you don't start your and start moving you give it time for the fluids to circulate in the engine. Or when you turn on your computer it doesn't go straight to your home screen it takes a few seconds to bring it all to life. Add a little ginger in the cooler months.
Strolling in Ottawa
-  Get Moving
Whether you attend a Yoga class, practice at home or just do a few poses in your day -Yoga is a great way to balance body, mind, spirit connection. Walking is an excellent way to add a little exercise to your day and getting your circulation going.
Hugging a tree in Paris
- Connect with Nature
Walking or just sitting in nature is nurturing on so many levels. In the warm weather take your shoes off and connect with Mother Earth ... visualize roots growing from your feet deep into the earth's core grounding you. Hug a tree - seriously it feels amazing!! If you are lucky enough to live near the ocean or lake walk in the water. 

- Gratitude Journal 
Everyday write 1-3 things that you are most grateful for. This is especially important to do on the days that you are feeling down. Being grateful will instantly lift your mood. 
Dinner with friend Ly
- Be Social
When things are feeling overwhelming or you are not feeling good about yourself it is easy to isolate yourself. Make sure you have at least one social activity with a friend(s) to look forward to each week. 

I’m curious do you know anyone (perhaps yourself) who is tightly holding on/comparing themselves to the ghost of who they were pre – children, marriage, divorce, weight gain, illness, younger self, loss of loved one (fill in the blank _____________) – are they/you ready to start being kind to the person they/you are today? Have they/you had an AH HA moment?

Please share in the comments your tips for taking care of you.

Live your High Heeled Life,

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  1. BOY did I need this one today! I am so bad about looking backwards and I know that look back means you aren't going forward so don't know why I do that to myself. It must stop. You have helped me kick my own bootie into gear today - thank you (as usual, you've inspired!!). I was working on a similar post but it just wouldn't come together. I will go take 5 minutes, reset then begin again! Love you and have missed your voice.

  2. I agree with you about hugging a tree and connecting to their deep roots. Being in church brings me JOY. Your list is super.

  3. Ready? It's going to be a long one.
    1. I love all of your new photos including your intro one! Just lovely.
    2. I say amen to each of these! I have been trying to drink warm water with lemon daily since last week (hey, it's a start!) -- had dinner with 2 girlfriends, both who happen to be asian and very knowledgeable on all things tea/good for the body -- Mou swears by warm water with lemon and can I just say? My body is feeling better daily since starting. Lighter. And well, you know what I mean.
    3. Yoga. Need to get back there.
    4. Social! Never stop. When you feel LEAST like getting out, that's when you should and/or need to. Some of my best evenings are those spent with friends after I really never felt like leaving the house. I think many times, it's God's plan.
    I think I 'm done. Love this post.

  4. Dearest Celia,
    Well, indeed there always will be things coming our way that thwart all plans. But we should take a deep breath, try to relax and rest the mind and gear up for the next direction!
    I had a forced rest in the hospital for 6 days and if felt so good after coming home on Monday evening, to be looking forward to a lovely dinner with friends and their daughter with fiancée. The Lady Chef (also friend) had her friend over from Italy who lost her husband suddenly a couple of years ago. She found him on the floor when she came home; age 57... Hugging each other and trying to lift up a friend makes you also soar again. Life goes on an it never is easy. Who said that?!
    Tomorrow we look forward to another dinner outing so it is a bliss for socializing!
    Sending you hugs,

  5. Walking is my time for myself. I can think, breath fresh air and exercise. You are so beautiful! Xo


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