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Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Clean ... Your Body!

Spring is perhaps the most important time of the year to ensure we give our bodies a little extra help in the cleansing department. After all we have spent the better part of autumn and winter celebrating the various joyous holidays consuming processed foods rich in sugar, perhaps a few extra glasses of bubbly and as the days became shorter and colder we turned to comfort foods. Though all of this self-comfort eating results in an invasion of toxins to our bodies, it is important to note: air pollution, cleaning products, stress, negative thoughts are also contributors of toxins to our body.

Keeping up with all the toxins we consume on a daily basis, forces our liver to function in over-drive. By giving our body a helping hand with cleansing, we are in essence giving our liver a "time out" so that it can renew itself and regenerate.

Like you I am human ~ and sometimes indulge   in comfort foods, sweets or an extra glass of bubbly. Having had my liver lacerated in my accident along with damage to my intestines has made me more determined about doing what I can to make it easy on my liver to process the foods (especially the indulging ones) I consume.

A long with ensuring we are giving our liver a helping hand it is also important to consider the other organs and areas in our body that could use a little help when it comes to detoxing.

Keeping my body healthy while needing to take medication (which is often a source of weight gain- but stopping medication is not an option) has not been easy. Since my accident (in 2006) I woke up from my coma around 90 lbs - then I watched my weight climb to my normal weight (pre-accident) of 115 lbs. - then reach an all time high of 153 lbs. by the end of 2011.

During the month of April I will be sharing with you how I lost 13 lbs. and have maintained 140 lbs. through this past year. And what I will be doing to loose an additional 10 lbs. this year.

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  1. Dearest Celia,
    Poor girl, what your liver and intestines and the rest of your body went through, only seven years ago... Yes, it is so important for doing a bodily spring cleaning. We're trying to work on it DEAD SERIOUS! But... right now we're inhaling so much pollen and dust inside the house from compacting the viscose insulation on the attic and covering it with plywood. So enduring this one more week, will be necessary! We are having lovely weather since Thursday and it felt so good for having tea on the balcony again. Hope your area will soon embrace some sunshine in return for the mean and cold winds.
    Hugs to you dear friend!


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