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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Meditating with Oprah & Deepak

When you hear the word "Meditation" the first image that usually comes to mind is someone sitting in a lotus position (cross legged) on the floor - eyes closed - hands resting on the knees with the tip of  thumb touching the tip of the ring finger.  In actuality there are various forms of meditation such as - lying down, sitting in a chair just to name a couple. So with a little research you will be able to find a meditation that meets your needs.

The main objective of any meditation is to relax the body and mind. The more you are able to achieve relaxation of body and mind the more you will benefit from your practice of mediation. If you are just starting here are some steps I used to get on  my path of mediating.

1) Sit comfortably in a chair - feet touching the ground, hands in your lap
2) You may choose to close your eyes to focus on a particular object or keep them open and focus on an item in front of you
3) Spend 5 minutes breathing in through your nose (deep belly breathes) and gently breathing out through your mouth
4) Try to just be in the moment - remove all thoughts from your mind. If a thought comes,acknowledge it- release it and return to focusing on your breathing.

You can continue this process for as long as you like. I started out 5 minutes a day and gradually worked up to 15 minutes a day. Today I try to meditate twice a day, 10-15 minutes each time. I sometimes use a guided   meditation or an instrumental CD - I found this helpful in keeping me focused and limiting any thoughts that may try to creep in.

This is a beautiful mediation that Oprah and Deepak are sharing with the world. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Wonderful post, I love to meditate and have been trying to do it more often, your post gives me the motivation I need :)


  2. Oprah is my guru! Have you watched her 'Soul Sundays'? Have a great weekend!


  3. We so often forget to take time out of our normal routine to totally relax. Playing the right music is so important too. Thanks for the link.

  4. SO BEAUTIFUL post:) I use to meditate all the time.

    If you want some travel inspiration..check out my new post:)

    Have a great weekend dear

    LOVE Maria from inredningsvis.se

  5. Celia I love ORAH and it is true we can meditate in many different ways. I love just closing my eyes ... sitting under a tree and letting the wind wash over me and just let my mind wander away! I love your new blog design and logo .... gorgeous and I am sorry I missed the launch! I have also had a blog renovation so if you would like to join me for a glass of champagne I would be very honoured!
    have a wonderful weekend!
    best wishes

  6. Have a nice Sunday, Celia!

    I only need a candle for meditaton. I just bought a special cushion for it and I like it! I have an altar, where I have some things on it, that are important to me... a wonderful idea for a blogpost.

    I was very pleased, that you visited me!

    Love, Ines

  7. I have never meditated, but I have never heard anyone say one bad thing about it who has. I think it's probably a very good way to rest your body and thoughts.

  8. Celia, I have never really meditated and the idea is very intriguing. I've closed my eyes and did the breathing meditation exercise once with Dr. Oz, but that's about it. I would like to incorporate it more into my daily life and your instructions on how to do that are the perfect start and make it very uncomplicated. Can't wait to read more of your posts! By the way, Monday's Ooh La Frou Frou COMMISSIONED post will feature the illustrations created for you and briefly introduce my readers (with link of course) to you! xoxo ~S

    SANDY M Illustration

  9. I try to medidate every morning with a little prayer while I have my coffee or tea. It just infuses the day with peace. I love your posts and btw I love the new illustrations by Sandy that I just saw on her blog. Congrats on the shout out and good luck with your new beautiful illustrations! I love to see blogger friends collaborate :)


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