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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Winter days to Spring days ...

Welcome dear friends and new readers, to tea with me.

Here at the High Heeled Life country home we are most eager to say good-bye to winter and hello to spring!  And though the calender says that spring has arrived ~ looking outside the ground remains covered in blanket of snow. And even with the gorgeous sunshine, it is still quite crisp and cold when stepping out. Hmmm... this contrast between the bright sunshine and feeling warmth, and that of coldness when you actually step outside, reminded me that when we are going through challenges in life our outer appearance may be quite different from what we are feeling inside.

Sometimes the strongest outer face we show the world comes from when we are feeling most vulnerable on the inside. And often when we are running around in the chaos of the moment there is a strength that comes from within that we had no idea existed.

So, why not make tea a time to change your view and experience a few moments of peace. Locate a quiet place to sit - perhaps a comfy chair - add a pillow.

A simple pot with flowers ... as a reminder that as seasons change so do situations in our life. Bright beautiful moments will be popping up before you know it. That is the wonderful thing about change ~ it is constant, no  two moments, are ever the same.

Set out a beautiful teacup ... you are as important as any guest to your home. So, use that china teacup!

So even when things are feeling a bit chilling on the outside, we can still create a sense of warmth and calm on the inside. Before you know it ... it will be just as calm and warm on the outside as it is inner wards.

How do you turn your Winter days to Spring?

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  1. Same here in MA ~ although today was rather nice ~ Beautiful post and photography and the inspiration for delightful tea time with gorgeous flowers ~ Enjoy ^_^

  2. A cup of tea and a good book or magazine is a favourite way for me to disengage from every day life for a bit. Lovely teacups and photos. No snow here, but grey skies.

  3. Sounds like a relaxing tea time! Your teacups are pretty and the photos are lovely. Happy Spring.

  4. I always have blooming flowers in my house. All winter. Right now I have orchids and African violets. It really helps me. This winter has been the longest. Thanks for saying hi.

  5. Your tea set and your tulips are so pretty. How I would love to sit in tour chair with all the light surrounding me. The perfect stop to look at the birds. genie

  6. What a wonderful post and so true. Tea fixes everything.

  7. Tea is definitely a comfort drink for me and although I'd love to try it plain black like many people do, it must have milk and honey to do the trick. :-) A good magazine on the side, and my feet up is the perfect way to spend an hour each afternoon.

  8. Tea, a good book, a bouquet to gaze at and a comfy chair - these will take me through all the hazy, foggy winter days and into springtime.

  9. Dearest Celia,
    Thanks for your visit and comments! Wow, it was a lovely Palm Sunday. NOT the weather as it was rather windy and chilly. Yesterday I wore my winter boots and wool sweater under padded jeans jacket. How we all long for SPRING. But each day we both look forward to our tea time. That is such bliss for holding a warm glass of tea, or cup for that matter. Yesterday we had a gathering at a Church friend's home and missed our tea time. But today it was lovely for having first a coffee with chocolates and chatting with Mom & Dad on the iPhone via Skype. After Pieter took his nap we had tea together. Italian pasta for dinner and we call it a happy day. One day closer to spring!
    Tight hugs to you and I love your new header!

  10. Wonderful to have you at SEASONAL SUNDAYS.

    - The Tablescaper

  11. Beautiful! It was unseasonably cold here today, and snowed. Love the entire point of this peaceful post. It is so calming and I plan to take some time tomorrow just to break in my new red tea kettle and brillian cherry red mug! I'll save the fragile tea cups for another day because I'm loving red right now!

  12. Loved those chine teacups..they are beautiful..:)

    pet meds

  13. Wonderful post...those teacups are amazing..
    Android Developer

  14. I love your beautiful teacup and yes we are as important as any guest...love that!!!

  15. Hello Celia,
    Nice to have you join me for tea again. Your view out the window is the same as mine. We had no snow at all this time last year but for some reason winter doesn't want to go away this year. Eventually it will of course but in the meantime, a pretty bouquet, a cup of tea in a beautiful teacup, {we have the same teacup!} and a lovely magazine or book to read transports me to a lovely place far from here.
    Hope your days are good ones and I'm happy to say I'm starting to have good days too after the tumble I took back in January.
    Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful day, my friend.

    Easter blessings,

  16. Dear Celia,
    I can't wait to see the new look! I'm so excited for you...seems that the coming of Spring brings new life to your heart and creative passion this year. Hope your writing is going well in your studio. Love and hugs to you, Mary

  17. Gorgeous sentiments! It is especially meaningful to me since my Mother has been the hospital and now a skilled nursing home! Thank you for these wonderful ideas and we all need this time and a special place for peace! Thanks so much!!!!!!

  18. Beautiful teacup and tulips -- a bright and cheery post for Spring! Happy Tea Day!

  19. Hi Celia, you have posted a wonderfully romantic post full of lovely images. I'm one of those people who use the beautiful tea cups daily. It's starting to warm up in Vancouver, where I am at the moment, but in my other home, Oxfordshire UK, it is just ghastly and cold and snowing. Hope your snow melts soon. Have a lovely week. :)

  20. You're right -- you should be good to yourself. I ALWAYS use a real teacup -- because I'm special!

  21. Hi Celia, It still looks like winter outside my window too. I enjoyed reading about your hints to make it spring in your heart. Your tulips are lovely, and so is your living room. I really adore your teacup too, Celia. It is stunningly beautiful, and those pretty roses make one think of spring. Soon, my friend, it truly will be spring outside!
    xo Beth

  22. The images and your writing are all marvelous, thank you~

  23. Wonderful---and proven---advice. We need periods of quiet and reflection to recenter and reprioritize. Lovely Celia and you photos are wonderful. The Royal Albert teacup is a favorite pattern. Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!


  24. Lovely tea cups and beautiful tulips.Thank you for sharing....:):):)

  25. Great advice! Lovely pictures as well, I adore your tea set.
    I hope your renovations are going well :)


  26. Well, that is a tea cup that could cheer any day! Such a beauty with all it's full bloomed roses and gold trim. Very romantic too.
    And I do love you analogy of the gray days and sunny days being like how we experience life. It is the contrast that helps us see the depth in our lives.
    And Happy Easter!

  27. Lovely post! Love where you sip your tea with your beautiful teacup! When the weather outside says "winter" I celebrate Spring inside with flowers, sun shining in, soft music, and a cup of tea to relax with. Have a wonderful week!

  28. Dear Celia,

    What a lovely post. So thoughtful, poignant and true. Words well written, and shared. Such a great place to relax just dream of Spring that you have shared.

    Personally, finally reconnecting with all of you and also celebrating my vignettes for Spring is my way to feel Spring like like during the end of along winter.

    Have a marvelous and blessed Easter dear lady.

    Cheers, hugs and blessings from Wanda Lee


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