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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

IT's RUFF work being a Big Brother...

If you haven't heard yet, This is my new little baby sister. Her name is Gabbana ... I really wuff her .. but she gets into everything (that is mine)....

RUFF!! RUFF!! she always tries to get Rover, even though he is 3 times her size....

Nope not this time.....

I almost got it.....

Ahhhhhh!!!.... Victory again...

Uhmmm... that's my cabin... I know you are a dog too! but that's my cabin...!!!

Mr. Pink Bunny ... my big brother barks.. if I take Rover one more time .. you are his... Don't worry I got you!!!

Ahhhhh Peace and Quiet  at last ... she must be scared I'll take away her Mr. Pink Bunny...

Not ready to go in... come get me if you can....

Going outside you use be so simple ....

bark!!! bark!!! You can't catch me..

Ruff! Rufff! where is everybody ??? They forget we are outside?....

OOPS!! wrong door... Ruff .. let me in!!! I don't think they can hear me....

I'll show you how it's done !!! RUFFF! RUFF!! ....

Dolce, if you show me how to get out of this shirt ... I promise to not bite your toys anymore....

RUFF.... I'll think about it.....

Till next time Paws, Dolce...

Daphne at Flips & Pearls for Semi-Wordless Wednesday


  1. Hello Friend!

    I am loving little sister, she is precious! Looks like they are having fun playing and hanging out. Everyone needs a playmate :)

    The cabin is too cute!

    I hope you are feeing well & having a great week,

  2. sooooo sweet, funny post, thx

  3. Oh my goodness, this is the cutest thing ever! It looks like they are having a blast together. What a fantastic little cabin! My favorite photo is on the patio chasing each other. Over the winter we adopted Ashley another little chihuahua and this reminds me of she and her big sissie. Baby is always teasing, stealing toys....lol. We take Little Lola over to visit and they play all afternoon in the yard, giving big sister a break. So fun.

  4. I never thought it was possible to be that cute.
    love you. C

  5. OMG Celia! They're so adorable!
    I'm not even going to talk about their "cabin".

  6. Dearest Celia,

    What a joy this little baby-girl Gabbana. Dolce will have to get used to sharing 'his' toys... But that's part of the game. They act like little children and it takes a lot of guidance from their human parents. By the time summer comes around they both will be playfully darting off into the garden; their HEAVEN!
    Love to all of you!

  7. Oh, SO cute! You are making me want a Yorkie puppy! Can you imagine that? Five dogs. My husband would have me committed. I will just have to live out my Yorkie puppy dreams through you.

    I know you are just having a blast with them.
    xoxo, A

  8. those are the most adorable puppies ever! it IS
    hard work being a big brother. :)

  9. oh how cute , they will have so much fun together.
    Gabbana is so stinkin cute
    I miss my dogs so much but not ready yet to be tied down with 2 more. I live alone and when i travel I always had to board them and that was sad for all of us invloved

  10. OMG! Love this - I am crazy about dogs and this made my day. I need to get a picture of my girls up . My older girl is wearing a leg brace and my 8 month old just got spayed so she is sedated and wearing a cone ... Poor girls!

    Always enjoy your posts and appreciate your sweet comments. Enjoy those pups :)


  11. What a cute post, Celia! Your new little addition to the family is adorable! Have fun and enjoy your week.


  12. Soooooooooooooooo cute... just adorable.. All I have ever wanted was a little dog and my husband bought a freaking wolf ...thank you so much for popping over and reading my new stuff xxx

  13. She is adorable!!! I am sure it is alot of work...that puppy stage is priceless, but oh my I remember getting so stressed :) And yet we are thinking of a new baby for our Golden, to keep her company ~ let me know how it goes!


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