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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Festive Floral Arrangements

I have been wanting to participate in the Home Tour Tuesday linking parties our friend D. over at Flip Flops and Pearls has been hosting. Unfortunately decorating this year has been defeated by the delay in renovations to our kitchen and family room. Thankfully we are now at the point where we will be contractor free for the next 3 plus months and though things are not quite complete (like no-kitchen counters) it is manageable (we now have a functioning stove with a real oven ~ many posts to come in 2011, on this alone).

So, I'm finally able to participate in the Christmas cheer via her Semi Wordless Wednesday! Thanks D. for creating and hosting fabulous blog parties.

I picked up 2- half dozen each of  these beautiful white and just a hint of green roses (my father was a master rose grower, his garden was always in bloom with fragrant delights) some greenery and red berries, from a local floral shop. Once home I snipped and went about grouping my lovelies into 3 arrangements.


I made a little one to go on my desk , it looked great next to my inspiration Snowman, I won in a giveaway at Silver Strands earlier in the year. To me he reminds me to not give up~ if you believe all things are possible. after all the children believed and that's how Frosty came to life. You can find a similiar (as it's original art work) magical Snowman and a wonderful selection of other equally magical art work, over at the wonderful creator Barb's Heartstrokes , blog.

In the Master Bedroom ensuite a fuller arrangement was added
between our sinks. Adding a hint of the season, I love seeing fresh
cut flowers first thing in the morning.

In our guest bathroom, I added a similiar size arrangement ,
perched above our musical Angel.

Participating in ...

Semi Wordless Wednesday Hosted by Flip Flops and Pearls


  1. You've done such a great job! The rose growing and decorating talent obviously runs in the family!

  2. What a sweet touch to every spot. Simple beauty brings a room alive. You are so creative!


  3. Great job!!! You are very handy with the flowers!

    I cant wait to see them next week!

  4. What a multi-talented person you are. I particularly like the arrangement next to your inspiration Santa.

  5. Ahhhh how beautiful!! Thanks for linking up.
    I need you to come make me some arragements:) Special trip??
    I see your Lamp Berger! I just realized I have mine packed away....need to buy oil TODAY!!!

    Have a wounderful day my friend and thank you for your ever so kind words:)

    Much Love

  6. Beautiful!!! Thank you for mentioning my shop and your use of the little snowman gives me a new way to look at how to decorate with my art and flowers!
    Just Wonderful!!
    Enjoy your Holidays!

  7. Oh how I love fresh flowers! I agree with D---special trip to make some for us!

    Just lovely!

    Happy Wednesday!



  8. Good morning from Tokyo!

    First, let me say thank you for the thoughtful letter I received from you. It was so kind and unexpected! It completely made my day.

    Your arrangements are just beautiful. Simple and elegant, I envy your natural skill at flower arranging! What's your secret?

    I hope you continue to have a wonderful Christmas season...



  9. your dad would be so proud! you definitely
    have the touch. your arrangements are
    absolutely beautiful. i love greenery and
    roses together.

    and thank you for checking back on my
    friend's son. this has been such a trial.

    bless you, sweet friend.

  10. How lovely! They're just perfect for the season! You've inspired me to make a little one for my desk area too. Hope you're enjoying the season thus far :) xoxo

  11. Beautiful! You are so talented. Love arrangements with fresh flowers.

  12. I love pine and roses together. I like to add a little eucalyptus too. The smell is heavenly and the scent divine.

  13. Very nice. We don't have flowers around because our naughty cat will want to eat them.

  14. Gorgeous photos! Love the photos! I bet your house smells so good! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  15. simply gorgeous...you sure know how to pick up and arrange your roses!
    marry Christmas!

  16. Wow! So festive! I can only catch a glimpse, but your guest bathroom is so beautiful! Can I be a guest?!

    Happy Holidays HHL! :D

    Ps. I'm looking forward to your posts about the "real oven" ;)

  17. Wow...how pretty! I love fresh cut flowers too! Have a great weekend!

    Kristin xo


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