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Sunday, August 29, 2010

An Answer from God ~ and his helping Angels

Winter had retreated , spring had come and gone and summer was now upon us, with its glorious warmth and burst of colour that only can be found in nature. Nine months had passed since that evening when in a blink of an eye my life had changed. My days were filled with medical appointments that left me with little energy afterwards. I recall thinking to myself , now what will my life will be like. It was becoming clear that I would not be returning to my corporate career anytime soon; nor would I be enjoying this summer on the beach in the latest bikini.

In the preceding months I had found that my faith had taken a leap forward – after all God had allowed me to see there really is a wonderful place waiting our arrival once our journey here is complete. My journey was not complete – so I chose to come back. But what was my purpose? Why had I chosen to come back?

Since being home my outings consisted of doctor, specialists and rehab appointments, I really had no desire to socialize and when I was dragged out by caring, loving friends – I found the people and the noise overwhelming. So when I woke up feeling edgier than normal – or what normal had become to me. I had this incredible need to get out of the house. My friend I came by and took me to the Beaches, for an hour or so. When she dropped me off I still had this need to not be in the house. I called many friends, but they were all busy. R was going to be using my backyard for a BBQ that evening – but I had no interest in attending. My friend F called back and said that she would wait to do her paper work tomorrow. She was concerned because I had shown no interest in getting out of the house, since I was home from hospital, so she wanted to make sure I got out. It was now July.

F picked me up around 9:00 p.m. – as we got into the car, she said I looked good and we would go to Yorkville (Rodeo Dr. of Toronto) for coffee. I objected I didn’t want to go there until I looked more like me, and my elbow was fixed. But she would not listen… off in the direction of Yorkville she drove. She made her way to Hazelton Ave. to park on the street. As we made our way, she wanted to check out Café Norvos , and she other places as we sent along before deciding where to go. So around the block we went, instead of cutting through the alley stores.

As we went along, I wasn’t paying much attention to people, hoping that I wouldn’t run into anyone I knew. I didn’t want them to see me in this state. As, we walked I looked up and staring at me was this man, sitting at a small table in the middle of the sidewalk (in the summer you will find many gypsies set-up small tables on the street to do palm reading and card readings). His eyes locked with mine, I recall feeling confused, his eyes were familiar – yet I knew I did not know this person. As I walked past, he opened his mouth – and said “well, since you’re hear you might as well stay and listen” I found this very strange, who was this stranger speaking to me, yet he seemed so familiar. I finally found the words to say “ I don’t know you why would I want to listen?” by this time F who had taken a few steps forward noticed I wasn’t beside her and she looked back and returned to where I was. All of a sudden she is speaking to this other guy who I had not noticed before. I looked back at the man sitting, saw he was wearing a ring … and thought what a jerk. I wanted to leave, but F was talking with the other guy, so I did my best to occupy myself looking at passersby.

The woman must have finished with the guy sitting, because now, F and the other guy were saying it was my turn. After a little discussion and F saying she was treating I had no choice but to sit. When the woman finished, (she was so bang on about, my accident, life etc.) I was ready to escape, then out of the blue the woman said “ you should go for ice-cream,” as we looked at each other – someone suggested Leterri’s for coffee, as we turned around in the direction of the café, the woman, her table her chairs – were gone. Not only gone but there was no sign of her having been there at all, we walked to the café in silence.

As we sipped our coffee, I learned that the man had lost his wife 2 months earlier in a single car accident on the 400 and that I was the first woman that he had spoken to (other than friends or family members), since her passing. By this time I was getting really exhausted and wanted to leave, everyone agreed that it was late and we should be going. The other guy suggested that since the man and I had suffered such life altering events that it may help us both to keep in touch and speak with each other - before I could respond F was volunteering my phone number.

On the way home F explained to me that since the passing of his wife the man had basically been on suicide watch. Early that day the man had accompanied his friend to the cemetery (it was the anniversary of the passing of the guy’s mother). The guy told F. that he prayed to his Mother – to help the man move forward and not give up on life.

Over the next few months I would stay on the phone with the man for hours at a time{I was still pretty much house bound, so I had no where to go}  – listening to him as he tried to go into his house and make his way to his room. I listen mostly and tried to encourage him not to give-up on life. Sometimes his friend would drive him to my home and we sit outside in the backyard and talk for hours. He told me that the night after we meant that he went home and for the first time he was able to put the key in the door –went upstairs to his wife’s office and spoke to her picture most of the night.

When I spoke to my sister about this, she said that perhaps I had been given my answer – I needed to come back to save this man from taking his life.

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. (Hebrews 13:2)


  1. WOW....I am in tears!!!! I love that verse also:)
    You are an angel and I am so glad we have crossed paths! I have met so many new blog friends since I started my public blog {my private kept me from mingling alot} and so I haven't gotten to really back-read alot yet. I am about back track and read your journy. Have a blessed day sweetie, and I thank God you're in my life!!
    His love and Mine, Daphne

  2. You are taking the best therapy you could do. Getting all your terrible life out of your system for others to share. I truly wish there was something I could do to make your life better. Just know there are plenty of us who understand and care. You have come along way. Keep going.

  3. Fantastic, mystical! What a great miracle story! So uplifting. Thank-you SO much for sharing it!

    love ,kelee

  4. Once again this is such an insightful post, my angel.
    When I finished to read it I had "chickeen skin".
    Yes, you're still here because you've unfinished business and who knows maybe one was to help that man.
    No (wo)man is an island and you are also making people that is around you to learn about many things they never thought they might need.
    Sometimes we see some parents with a child with a mental ilness. And we think "What a pity... blá, blá, blá" We never think that that soul has done a love sacrifice so that parents might learn something that was in theirs karma.
    There are no "accidents", there are no coincidences, everything happens for a reason.
    One of the things I learned when my mother had to go to an institucion because of her Alzheimer's was that I was the one who needed more to be able to deal with people in a mental institution. Something that I was afraid. If you know what I mean...
    Oh my brave angel!!!!!
    Like LV says "You have come along way. Keep going."
    Much love to you and thank you so much for the sweet and lovely comment you left me. I also feel that we don't need to know a person "in person" (if the person is true like we are) to feel good with that person and care and love.
    The word also has a great power.
    By the way I've already done my post with the award you gave me :-)

    Take care

  5. I know that you and I share the same philosophy on this. My car accident was to me one of the most obvious signs ever that "things happen for a reason", although it certainly wasn't evident at the time. I feel my life was spared to find those who are having their own struggles and help them through it, I can honestly say the past year has been the most rewarding of any in my life.

    It's very evident to me that this is the case with you. I would never wish what you went through, what you're still going through, on anyone. But as hard as it is to say I think you were meant to endure this pain and struggle to come into the lives of others and touch them in ways you've never imagined. You've done this with Sandy and I and we love you dearly for it.

    I think your life has only just begun.

    Love you to pieces.


  6. That is so incredibly powerful. We never know who will be angels to, for sure!

  7. oh dear... how amazing God works! Thanks for sharing this beautiful story!!

  8. Wow, what an incredible story! I have no doubt you met him for a very specific reason. Thank you for a truly inspiring post. xoxox

  9. Oh my you are so brave to tell us this because it is personal but amazing. I've only just read your blog even though I've noticed your name before and I will attempt to get the back story but obviously you have suffered and I always feel humbled when humanity works in mysterious ways and the Hebrews quote is wonderful xx

  10. Reading this gave me sweet chills. I definitely believe God uses others to help us and uses us to help others.


  11. This is such a great story, I am not a great believer in God, but I am in humanity and I think that you have always held within you a power to connect and help others, maybe the accident released you to do this. I feel from you a warmth and generosity of spirit and that is what is important in life .. you are also very brave.
    Once again an inspirational post my friend xx

  12. You and MrG are so perfect together! Specially when you bring him here to churn ice cream and wash dishes lol! Seriously tho, it is so easy to see the needs you fill for each other :O) You need him as much as he needs you.

  13. God does work in mysterious ways, doesn't he....

    I think Barry said it all, but I just wanted to remind you of how much you mean to me and how incredibly blessed I feel for having you in my life.

    You have affected and inspired so many people ... more than you'll ever know.

    Much love and hugs


  14. What an amazing feeling to be able to help someone in such a need.
    God Bless,

  15. What a great miracle story!
    Joy & Blessings,

  16. That must have been a welcome feeling to know that you were helping someone else, for a change. How interesting that you should have met him like that... I believe (most!) things happen for a reason. ps You use the Beaute Initiale night cream? You have such good taste, haaha!

  17. You always make me cry! God has had a plan for you right from the beginning! Hugs!

  18. Wow, I love to read stories like this. Thank you for sharing your miracle with us. I hope you will continue to be a part of Spiritual Sundays.

  19. Words fail...

    I believe in earth Angels.
    I believe that we all have a purpose in God's great plan.
    I believe.
    I can't wait to read the other posts!



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