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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Toronto Island Park - Discovering Toronto

It's been a very long time since I've been to the island, so as Toronto remains under an extreme heat warning - 3 days into autumn, I thought WHY NOT! To get to the island you need to take either a water taxi, private boat or the ferry. With it being a week day and school back in session - it was a relatively short wait at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal.

No island map ... just take a photo 

Views of the city from the ferry are spectacular ... 
The journey to the island takes about 15-20 minutes

The views back to the city ...

There are lots of feather friends to greet you around the island.
Since it's already into autumnon a week day, many of the restaurants and attractions are closed. But, there are still places to get food and ice cream!! The island has lots to offer and signs along the main path help direct you.
For today's visit the Pier was my destination ...

 Just beyond the water fountain are magnificent formal gardens! At first glance we missed the butterflies , but as we paused - we began to see the these little darlings were abundant.

The view along the pier (which extends into Lake Ontario) is breath taking and even on this autumn week day, there were quite a few people, and families cooling off from this unseasonable record breaking hot temperatures on the sandy beach area.

 And just in case you were curious how far some areas in Canada are from this point ....  
The island has vast areas of grassed areas ... perfect for connecting to mother earth in your bare feet; enjoying a picnic; or relaxing with a book, or just being in the moment. 
outside the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal
Whether you just come for a leisurely walk, jog, bike ride; a picnic or to escape the heat - why not make Toronto Island a destination this autumn?  I know I plan to be back again soon, and explore the various areas of the islands in more depth. 

Getting to the Ferry Terminal: I suggest taking the TTC: take the subway to Union Station. The terminal is approximately a 15 minute walk. Alternatively you can transfer to the 509 or 510 Street Car - exit at Queens Quay Ferry Docks Terminal - once you are at street level .. it's approximately a 4 minute walk. 

Useful to Note: There are 3 ferry route destinations: - Wards Island, the residential part of the island;  Hanlan's Point, is the most green, and has a clothing optional beach; Centre Island (where I went), is where you'll find fountains, formal gardens, Centreville Amusement Park, Franklin's Children's Garden, the pier, sandy beach areas, and lots of picnic areas. There are bike rentals on the island, dog parks, and many other attractions. Find more information HERE.

Ferry Schedule and additional info HERE.

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  1. Wow!!! This looks like mid-Summer. You lucky girl. We already have our wood-burner on here in the UK. What the hell!!
    Enjoy C xx

    1. The temperatures this past week have been breaking all sorts of records. Most days have been 35 + degree Celsius and with humidity feeling more like 40 + ...tonight the heat is finally breaking and temps are expected to return to more seasonable by weekend. <3 stay warm my friend. <3

  2. Dearest Celia,
    Wow, what a heat wave for your latitude really! But your choice for the day was a perfect one.
    Oh, that magnificent view of Toronto City; we are so familiar with that over the years.
    But from the ferry it is equally impressive as the view on Manhattan, NYC!
    There is really a lot of choice for everyone, with or without children etc.
    Love your photos, on the tandem is cute too.
    Sending you hugs from an equally hot and humid Georgia.

  3. Hmmm, I read this but apparently didn't comment!! Rectifying that now. You always make me wish I lived in Canada. Wonder if the cattle would like to travel over to there? You always have so much to do and so many interesting things to choose from. I envy you that. I guess here I can go count cow piles. Or scare the flock of birds that like to visit the corral to steal the cows sweet feed. Of sit on the front porch and watch the babies run and jump in the cooler weather. Oh yeah, baby! Fun times for sure!!


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