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Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Hidden Gem in the city - Windsor Arms Spa

My love affair with Windsor Arms goes back to the days of the cigar lounge - when I would go with one of my girl friends to mix, mingle, enjoy the music, atmosphere and kick back on a Thursday or Saturday night after a long week at the office. The smell of a good cigar in the air was intoxicating while we sipped cognac. Yes, the good "old" days. An other friend introduced me to afternoon tea after Christmas shopping in Yorkville one afternoon - and it became an annual outing with many tea adventures throughout the year as well. But I had never checked out the Windsor Arms Spa... until today! 

In my quest to find unique places to explore in Toronto and bring you wonderful experiences to inspire you to practice your own self care, I came across the December Delights spa specials at Windsor Arms. The Candy Wrap and Butter Rum manicure and pedicure really intrigued me.. so here goes, I invite you to come along my dear readers ...
Upon arriving I was greeted with a warm welcome and smile, from Tamar. I seated myself in the greeting area stocked with fruit infused water, tea, and coffee (Starbucks - ah  yes please!!) and cookies.

After taking a few moments to enjoy my Starbucks - I was guided to the women's change room. Plenty of plush white towels, lockers, dressing table with essential amenities, showers and facilities can be found here. Everything you need to prepare for some self care. I was also introduce to Daniela, who would be transforming me from holiday stressed to relaxed and rejuvenated.

The sink area was breath taking !!! the sink reminds me of murano glass (it may be, I forgot to ask).

Once undressed and robed - I was ready to be candy wrapped. The treatment begins with a full body peppermint exfoliation followed by a delicious chocolate chip mask and is finished with a white chocolate souffle massage that leaves you relaxed and rejuvenated!

Here you go ladies the lengths I go to, to find you new places and things for inspiring you to self care.
I may or may not have sampled the chocolate mask. The aroma of chocolate was beyond divine!! It was after all neck to toe!! and ignited my senses.

after showering off the peppermint exfoliation and chocolate mask, came the chocolate souffle massage can you say after me  - BLISS!!!!!!

that was just the beginning .. next a butter rum pedicure

These warm booties helped the oils to penetrate leaving my feet hydrated and silky smooth. 

next up ... a butter rum manicure ....

just like the booties .. my hands were also placed in warm mitts treating my hands too!!

Sugar cane, butter rum, and sweet vanilla exfoliate, smooth, and nourish hands and feet.

The Spa is spacious and offers many sitting areas to sit back and take a break before, after or in-between treatments. I learned there are some spa packages which include a light lunch ...and the area is filled with an abundance of natural sunlight. I noticed a large terrace off this area - which I could envision sitting back with a glass (or two) of bubbly with my girl friends in the summer after self care treatments.

image credit - Windsor Arms
 The holidays can be both exciting and stressful - so make sure that you are taking time to practice some self care whether you treat yourself to some spa treatments or some DIY treatments at home.

If you can't make it before the holidays - Tamar shared with me, that the December specials will be extended to the month of January. But ladies I suggest securing your spa reservation as soon as possible, as times fill up quickly.

I'm beyond thrilled to have discovered this little hidden gem in the city. Unlike most elite spas this one offers a relaxed atmosphere while offering upscale treatments and services. As a long time client, whom I had the opportunity to chat with while getting my pedi said "this is a well kept secret".  I hope you will give it a try and experience your own bliss. I'm already dreaming of experiencing a full day at the spa in the new year.

Oh did I mention ...
the scrumptious cookies? or how
wonderfully relaxed and rejuvenated I felt?

For readers who may not be familiar with Windsor Arms I invite you to visit their website and discover this unique boutique hotel and all the wonderful services it has to offer.

And if all the amazing spa services are not enough ... 
in February the spa launched the Healing Salt Cave .. which is complimentary with spa services exceeding $150. It can be booked as an independent treatment as well. I will be sharing more of my experience in the salt cave in the next week or two.

You are the curator of your life so live it luxuriously ,

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  1. Dearest Celia,
    That is almost hilarious to read this post after having made chocolates this evening, before supper... Not to eat today but for tomorrow.
    One does become quite edible with such a delicious chocolate chip mask, finished with a white chocolate soufflé massage!
    It makes me drooling... But no doubt in reality you felt just great after such delicious pampering in a luxe environment.
    As for Starbucks coffee, both of us have never appreciated its taste. Hyatt seems to have a contract with them as well but it's not our favorite!
    We like the dark French roast of e.g. Douwe Egberts coffee and guess our taste buds are rather set on that quality and taste.
    Sending you hugs and looking forward to your next discovery. Those are definitely the perks of living in a Cosmopolitan city!


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