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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Putting My Best Face Forward - Spring Cleansing Essentials

As the weather warms up shirt sleeves become shorter, and long pants start to be replaced with Capri pants, skirts and for the real daring folks - shorts. Its a good time to examine your face and cleansing products and make sure they are doing what you need them to do as the season changes from freezing cold to warmer temperatures.

 On the left is a photo of the products I was using through the winter and was finding my skin just no longer feeling them. On the right is a photo of the products I'm currently using. You will note, some products stayed while others have been replaced.

I have been an avid user of  Clinique Clarifying Lotion as a toner since my mid twenties - but this year I started to feel it really dried out my skin - I have switched for Sephora's Fresh Rose Floral Toner; L'Oreal's purifying gel wash cleanser has also been switched for Sephora's Fresh Rose Cleanser Foam; Shiseido replaced the Shopper's brand make-up pads; St. Ives apricot scrub has been my go to for years, when it comes to facial scrubs; and I'm still loving my Cala facial brush. I'm currently on the hunt for a great eye and lip make-up remover (please leave any suggestions in the comments below).
 Dry skin brushing is not only great for helping to exfoliate it's also great for circulation; a pumice stone keeps your feet soft between pedi; bath/shower scrubbies are not only great for lathering up your body wash they help with exfoliating. I'm loving St. Ives Indulgent Coconut Milk Body wash.

Round up of what I am currently using to cleanse and nourish my skin.
Body Wash - St. Ives Indulgent Coconut Milk
What I'm loving: the subtle coconut fragrance and deep hydrating.  

Skin Dry Brushes - Hydrea London,
What I'm loving: I have been a huge fan of dry skin brushing and these really are easy to hold and the natural bristles are gentle yet effective.

Facial Cleansing Brush - Cala
What I'm loving: the soft bristles are gentle and feel amazing on the skin.

Bath Scrubbie - Shopper's Drug Mart
What I'm loving: the way my body wash lathers up

Pumice Stone - Cleanlogic
What I'm loving: I love the curve of this stone, it is easy to use on the heel, and easily glides under the arch of my foot and polishes the sides of my big toe too!! this is definitely a keeper.

Make-up Pads - Shiseido Facial Cotton
What I'm loving: the softness and the durability 

Eye Make-up Remover - Nivea Eye  Make-up Remover

Facial Scrub - St. Ives Apricot scrub
What I'm loving: have been using for as long as I  can remember - the gentleness with which it exfoliates my facial skin. Continues to be a keeper.

Facial Cleanser - Fresh Rose Cleanser Foam (Sephora)
What I'm loving: the way the liquid foams up as it is dispensed and how effectively and ease which make-up is removed. My skin is left clean and the light rose scent is soothing to the senses.

Facial Toner - Fresh Rose Floral Toner (Sephora)
What I'm loving: that it can be spritzed on or applied using a facial pad. My skin feels refreshed and when I spritz it on and before the toner is fully absorbed into skin , I begin to apply my moisturizer - it feels like the skin absorbs the moisturizer much better. And again the light rose scent is soothing.

* (new -will let you know if it stays)

Please share cleansing products are using & loving?

You are the curator of your life so make it luxurious,

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  1. Dearest Celia,
    Believe it or not, I only use eye makeup remover and I got my latest from Whole Foods; Earth Science - Chamomille & Green Tea, Fragrance Free. For the rest I am a water and soap girl. It always has worked fine for me but have to admit that I never had a dry skin.
    I just read the other day that virgin coconut oil makes a great eye makeup remover and I guess it will be one of the safest ingredients one can use!

    1. Mariette/Celia,

      You both MUST try bioderma's product for removal of eye and lip makeup (although it is gentle enough and meant to use all over the face). It is a cleansing water from France and is a longtime cult favourite of make up artists, professional models etc. I came across it on a blog review - couldn't believe you could find it at Shoppers Drug Mart (our local pharmacy, like a Walgreens).

      Dilemma - I don't know if it's readily available in the US. We will just need to bring you some when we visit!

      Here is the link : http://www.bioderma.com/

    2. Thanks Susan ... I think I tried it a long time ago ... thanks for the reminder about it ..will look at next time I'm in Shopper's. XO

  2. Thanks for sharing all this info, may have to try some of those!

  3. I just began using Chanel Demaquillant Yeux Intense Eye Makeup Remover. It is also good on lips. I agree with Mariette about organic virgin coconut oil; t is an AMAZING product for skin and hair. I use for my hair when I've permed it. It helps keep the curls in line (i.e., inhibits frizz) without making my fine hair oily. I get mine from tropical traditions dot com. I actually buy the 100% pure coconut oil or the expeller expressed so that the coconut scent doesn't overpower. It is amazing for a facial (and body) moisturizer and makeup remover although you have to be careful with the eye area simply because you don't want the oil in your eyes (put on pad and wipe, not on eye). Best for me is that it is chemical free, a biggie in my life. I still use some products (i.e., Chanel) simply because. Even better, NO alcohol in coconut oil (something I'm more aware of as I *ahem* age. Do love all things St. Ives!

    I love the Chanel Le Cotton pads but they are discontinued so Shiseido Facial Cotton pads are excellent replacement! Also Shiseido Cle de Peau Beaute Natural Silk Facial le Cotton pads and Shiseido Prepare Pure Soft Facial Cotton. I get them all from Japan on ebay. Well worth the wait for all of them. Super soft. Won't use the inexpensive pads ever again!! I have been spoiled.


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