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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Create a Loving Relationship with Self and Others - Heart Chakra

Welcome to Over a Cup of Tea with Celia M.
Chakra Series ~  4 of 7

This week I have chosen this beautiful green tea cup for its green colour which is the same color of our fourth chakra known as the Heart Chakra. Interesting the bottom of the cup has a raised imprint that reads FOR LIFE ... no handle on this cup - so you can easily cradle it in both hands.

Fourth Chakra - The Heart Chakra ~ aka the Anahata, is located in the region of the physical heart.The heart chakra is the center of your spirit as well as the center of the chakras. It is a vital energy center for our spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. It is associated with love, compassion, safety, trust, adventure, self-compassion, forgiveness, and relationships. 

If the heart chakra becomes unbalanced, you may feel detached from the world around you.  With each breath we take we become connected to our physical and spiritual world, and if the heart chakra is unbalanced or blocked can lead to a disconnection from the people we love, love for ourselves, and love for the earth.  We lose sight of beauty, love, empathy, compassion and challenges in our relationships (with self and others) is heightened and we begin to feel a sense of despair.

Symptoms of Imbalance:
Emotional : Sadness, passivity, loneliness, co-dependence, insensitivity, emotionally closed

Physical : Cardiovascular problems, respiratory problems, arthritis, hypertension, stroke.

Three simple ways to help balance your Heart Chakra:

~ Sit comfortably, eyes closed breathing in and out, listening to each breath and feeling your heart beat with each inhale and exhale. With each breath visualize the air coming in, enveloping your your heart and filling it with warmth and peace from all directions. 

Steep a cup of green tea and pink rosebuds blend and repeat the following affirmations as you sip your tea:

I am a messenger of love 
I am expressing my true heart
I am free to express my love with all
I freely give my love and heart to self and others
I am making a difference
I am kind and loving to self and others

Sit comfortably, feet flat on the ground, close your eyes and visualize a green disk/ball spinning at the base of your heart - feel the vibration and motion of it spinning gently breath in and out - with each breath the disk/ball becomes stronger and spins at a consistent speed smoothly and balanced.

Benefits of balancing and opening the heart chakra enables your ability to love your self and others. Reconnects you to the loving world giving you freedom to feel compassion, empathy and forgiveness towards others. A balanced heart chakra also enables you to re-connect with your inner child, allowing you to see the world through rose coloured glasses and embracing life. Relationship with self and others flourishes with peace and harmony. 

Love and Blessings,

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  1. Thank you Celia. It's been far too long since I've paid attention to my energy centers.

  2. Very informative post...and so beautiful! Love your choices for the colors. Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  3. Celia, your apple green teacup is really a lovely choice especially with Spring on its way. I like that it doesn't have a handle too. Thanks for sharing and coming to tea. Have a beautiful day.


  4. Celia, I'm loving this series and love the green teacup. Happy Tea Day!

  5. Dearest Celia,
    What a lovely cups for cradling while sipping your tea and by following your guidelines it is a very healing way for your heart.
    Big hugs,

  6. Such pretty cups! I need to do this. Can we do it together??


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