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Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm Living Life ...

Welcome to Week-end Inspiration...

As you may noticed there are some changes going on here on the blog most notably a new header and direction for the blog- as the title indicates. Since starting this blog in 2010 I have been writing about falling off my high heeled life and the journey through healing (physically, mentally and emotionally) and creating a new me and life, after my accident.

What I have come to realize on this journey is that as I heal and become stronger (physically, mentally, emotionally) I am embracing once again the vivacious, independent, driven, fashionista - that had patiently waited out (in sweats and yoga pants) the time through my early healing when I would come to realize I am still the same person - only with greater knowledge of what I want in my life, greater compassion for others, greater respect for the gift that is life, greater connection to my creator and an even greater thirst to enjoy each and every moment ... to make it a well HEALED life. High Heeled Life (I have come to learn over the past few years) is no longer about excess for me - but about quality ... in every aspect of my life. Friendships, relationships, volunteering, fashion, eating and living. 

As I move forward in my journey of living my High Heeled Life I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and inspirations to encourage you to start living your life as you dream it to be - your own version of a High Heeled Life without breaking the bank.

I hope these quotes - that I'm Loving - below will inspire to live your High Heeled Life - starting NOW!

I love this quote it sums up what I am learning!!

Live as if this was your last year, month, week or day ... what would you start doing differently? What are you waiting for... unless you have a crystal ball you have know idea of how long your human journey will continue.
Use the good china, crystal ....

When was the last time you MADE time for Yourself? Remember you are the most important person in your life .. If you are not healthy, happy, and fulfilled you are of little help to those you love.

Pamper yourself ... whether with an at home spa day or a treat to the spa.
Use the luxurious bubble bath and the good towels.

Whatever your dreams, hopes - start this minute taking action towards bring them to life!

Wishing you a High Heeled Life week-end.

Hugs and Blessings,

 photo a7ceed8b-ce4f-45e6-8e44-5208e41b8eab_zps61970480.jpg
Stay in Step with High Heeled Life ...

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  1. Your journey is taking an upbeat path, I like your phrase "the well healed life" and your emphasis on quality, not excess. I look forward to see where your path leads.
    I am giving away one copy of the Christmas book I co-authored on my blog this week, just leave a comment to enter to win.

  2. Celia, I'm amazed by you! You have come a long way, and you should be VERY proud of yourself.
    Hugs, Beth

  3. Dearest Celia,
    You are so right in all the above... The well healed life is a good one and I'm experiencing that aspect too. Luckily, time is passing very fast so each day is better and we're moving on to a new future. You are my steady role model!
    Steve Jobs did phrase it so well... He left us a lot to be grateful for too!
    Love your Fashionista part and let me tell you, when I just got home I ordered from Last Call Neiman Marcus black suede boots with a 3" stacked heel. Tonight I did wear them for the first time with my black Escada jeans and it felt great! Thanks for all your encouragement and love!

  4. Perfectly spoken, Celia. Thank you for reminding me.This kind of LIVING takes practice...training our minds to think more upward, positive, empowered thoughts. So happy for you. I like the new header.

  5. Excellent Celia, wonderful thoughts and quotes for all of us to live by.

    The Arts by Karena


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