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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Things are changing in the garden ...

Peonies are one of the first spring flowers to break the drabness of winter in the garden. With their glorious burst of colour, their tight buds full of promise for a bountiful bloom.

Their beauty is brilliant and the vivid colours are beyond striking against the green of the leaves. If one has taken the time to provide the proper support, the elements provide the right amount of sun, rain, and warmth, they will grace us with their beauty for a few weeks.

Well the peonies are long gone. Maybe a bloom or two is still hanging on. But there is lots of new darlings and thinks happening in the garden as summer starts.Along with the changes in the flower beds ... there are other changes that start to take place.

 These changes do not go unnoticed by my little furbabies, who are on alert.

This little guy was trying to do his best to go unnoticed....just outside our dinning patio door.

and his friends were a little wiser and stayed close to the gardens.

Butterflies are everywhere ...

The rose garden and butterfly garden are coming alive. Each day on my walks with the furbabies we see a new bloom.

from the lavender to the lilies to roses ... 

 Above are some of my favourite places to stop for a little rest and enjoy.

All the changing in the garden, got me thinking -How we can learn from the garden about life. Sometimes everything is vibrant and blooming.

While other times you are left with all the debris of what was once brilliant. During these times it's important to remember that there will be vibrancy and your days will once again be filled with glorious blooms.

Wishing you glorious blooms!

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  1. Celia,
    Your garden is absolutely exquisite! And you are so right...when I am feeling drab, looking out at Nature and the brilliance of it's colours is always an instant pick me up :) We are in the middle of a terrible record breaking heat wave, so I am looking out at mine from within air conditioned walls. 105 temps are sounding good right now (after 10 days of 110 to 114).
    Enjoy your weekend my friend! Your babies must be going crazy with those little bunnies in sight, Lol!

  2. Dearest Celia,
    This reads like a novel... Such beautiful personal writing and you do shine through in each of its sentences. What you plant you will reap and you created at least a heaven for some weeks of the year. It is so true that we constantly must remind ourselves of the sunny and happy days in our lives. They will get mixed in with some sad and rainy days but we always must hold on to the beauty of the best times by memory!
    Hugs to you and enjoy a wonderful Sunday with your cute and precious furbabies and furry visitors!

  3. Hi Celia
    I'll bet some of those rabbits get bigger than your fur babies! Not many butterflies here yet other than cabbage whites and one yellow swallowtail but hopefully they'll arrive soon.
    I think tea on the blue set under the shade of the tree would be my first choice for seating.

  4. Your gardens are so pretty, Celia. The form and color in the rose and butterfly gardens is glorious! The bunnies are adorable. I hope they don't eat your plants...at least not too much!

  5. Your garden is really beautiful, you've done a lot of hard work and it shows!

  6. Your photos are lovely and your words inspirational! Thanks so much for sharing them!

  7. Hello Celia, your peonies are beautiful! I love your cute furbabies and the bunnies. You garden looks beautiful, thanks for sharing. Have a happy week ahead!

  8. A lovely inspirational post! Love your garden and how it's blooming...

  9. Beautiful places to sit and enjoy the fruit of your labour. The peonies are gorgeous. Valerie

  10. Don't you wish peonies could bloom all year? I love the lushness of the peony. Your photos are lovely, but I have to say that I am partial to your "furbabies"! I am visiting from Mosaic Monday and am a new follower. Please stop by Still Woods Farmhouse for a visit. The doors are always open!
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

  11. Your garden is beautiful. Yes, there are lessons to be learned from the garden - love the thoughts you shared.

  12. Gorgeous peonies! Mine weren't quite as pretty this year as they have been previous years, but we have had lots of rain here in VA so maybe that's why. Your walk is just beautiful...seeing all those blooms as you walk your property I'm sure is uplifting. I popped over from Bloomin' Tuesday.

  13. I love all your "stopping" places. Inspires me to create some of the same around the property. I do love your peonies and while mine are gone now, I enjoyed them while they were here! Reading this post makes me realize I need to plant more flowers so I have more beauty to see. I swear, sometimes reading your posts gives me too many ideas (smile). They're all good!

  14. Just catching up after my holiday. We returned to find the peonies had finished but the lavender looked gorgeous! You have some cute spots to sit and enjoy your garden.

  15. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing these pictures from your lovely garden. I just love the expression you captured on the rabbit!


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