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Monday, October 1, 2012

Autumn Country Garden Walk...

One of the the many wonderful things about living in the country is the symphony of colour Mother Nature plays this time of the year. 

 Let's take a walk and see how the gardens are changing.
The trees on our property have been slowly changing from the vibrant green of summer...

Soon the chairs that we have found solace in through the warm summer evenings will be put away for the winter.

Outdoor activities for Mr. G. are changing from yard work to target practice for the up coming hunting season.  
The butterfly garden is changing from it's bright colours to muted ones ...

Mr. G. has continues to work on creating walking paths in the garden area. Here is the rose garden area, where we added a section of lavender.

 The roses still continue to give lots of colour and seem to be thriving well in the much cooler temps.

 I have not been in the garden for a few weeks (just enjoying it from our kitchen windows) and was surprised to see that the lavender was in bloom ... the lavender in our butterfly garden has long lost its vibrate blue-purple flowers.

These beauties were added in early summer and are still showing a lovely choir of pink...

Thank you for visiting and taking an autumn country walk in our gardens...

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  1. Celia, how I wish I could be in this weather. So beautiful. Someone sent pics of Vail changing seasons yesterday, I must say I was wistful. xx's

  2. Your gardens looks so lovely. Beautiful country photo's! The leaves are just starting to change into there fall colors here. Enjoy your day!

  3. Your gardens look beautiful, Celia. This is a lovely time of year!
    Hugs, Beth

  4. Lovely pictures, the seasons are truly changing now, im breaking out the warmer cosy wardrobe choices... the winter is too long though! Elle xx

    French style blog

  5. Celia,

    This is just beautiful and I love all the little pathways leading through the butterfly garden. The change of season is a wonderful time and parallels life beautifully :)

    have a wonderful day!


  6. Dearest Celia,

    Kudos to Mr. G for creating such lovely areas within your huge garden. Those roses are incredible and I certainly envy you for the lavender, as it will not thrive in our hot summer climate. Hah, the target practicing we do at times with our best friend the Colonel and his wife. Both of us have a permit but we don't hunt. I guess I could not do that ever... But if you are born into this culture, that is different.
    Enjoy your summer's afterglow in the garden and slowly prepare for the fall and putting up things till spring again.
    Hugs to you,

  7. Listen, since we are SUCH good e-friends, would you mind terribly sending Mr. G to my house? I can use some brilliance in my backyard which only has a swimming pool and deck. I want what you have - meandering garden! My roses snapped out of the drought and are giving me beautiful fall blooms - I love your colors!

  8. Your garden is exquisite!
    Thank you for your visit. It is very hard for me to visualize my house. I know the feeling I want it to have. It's a start I think. Thank you for your encouragments.

  9. So beautiful!
    The older I get, the more I like the country. The peace.


    Yes, Autumn has a way of enchanting us, doesn't it? It lures us into the garden for one last look and musing over the changing beauty. We had a great walk yesterday, watching the leaves fall, but the temps were warm. It was great.

    Thank you for your visit yesterday; the moon is always a wonder to me, especially at this time of year.

    HAVE A SUPER DAY!!! Anita

  11. Gorgeous photos. I have the day off...Finally! I plan on taking a walk later and trying to begin my mission to capture a photo a day in October! I'm thinking it could be the highlight of each day. xo

  12. I miss the my backyard overlooking the changing fall colours.. although living in the city is quite refreshing too

  13. I love the rose garden. I love the variety of colors. Thanks a lot the share.
    Stunning photos indeed. Lovely!

    Shyra @ www.CheapSheds.co.nz

  14. Darling, your property is exquisite ... I love adarondack chairs too and hope to get some next summer to place somewhere in our back yard. Love the idea of the garden paths that you're husband is putting in ... what a lovely view from your kitchen window ;) Thanks so much for stopping by the blog this week and your lovely words .. always a treat when I see a comment from you. Here's hoping that your first week in October is a fabulous one ... leaves are looking beautiful here too and am looking forward to getting out for some beautiful walks in the park very soon! Nothing like nature to make you feel even more alive, right? ~xoSandy

    SANDY M Illustration

  15. These pictures are really gorgeous. I would never want to go in the house if the outside of it looked like this. :) Ava Grace's Closet is posting about how wonderful you are, so I came to visit. Happy to be here. :)

  16. Wow, what a lovely scene you have from your kitchen window and up close in personal. Beautiful land and gardens. So different from here in so many ways. We have no changing seasons, so even the thought of putting something away for Winter is different. It's just amazing what you all have done with your surroundings! Thanks for taking us on a tour so we could enjoy it too.


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