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Monday, March 28, 2016

After the Storm - Mother Nature Glistens

Toronto and surrounding areas were hit with a freezing rain storm this past week, and while most of the accumulation of ice disappeared in the city within 24 hours, the sight when I arrived at our country home for Easter weekend -was completely different and with a few surprises.

As you can see ... unfortunately we lost a few trees ... it was especially sad to see this huge one down.

I was surprised how warm the temperatures started to get while we were out surveying the damage.

And after every storm ... there is beauty to be found, and though these photos do not show it ... it was like a glistening wonderland when the sun popped out. The ice on the trees looked like strings of diamonds glistening on the branches.

Outfit Details: hooded winter coat - Michael Kors ; boots - Cole Haan; leggings -Urban Behavior; gypsy blouse - Stella Rosa; scarf-wrap - Ralph Lauren; sunglasses - Gucci.

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  1. The trees really do look beautiful with the snow! I love the print of your top!

    Fizz and Frosting

  2. The scenes are truly beautiful! No snow for us in florida, so I always appreciate snowy pix. And you look lovely too, thanks for sharing, xo


  3. I know how a freezing rain can be damaging, but so beautiful as well. Loved the photos :-)


  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE those boots!
    We too have snow falling at the moment, I only wish ours was the pretty sparkling fairy land type, ours is a heavy wet snow which we need for our water levels this year.
    Sorry about the down tree, hope you can put its loss to a good use.
    Love the joy!

    1. Yes, we'll be cutting into firewood and sharing with neighbours ...wishing a great week!

  5. Oh look! There is a fairy sprite dancing in the iced woods! You look marvehlous, dalink!! I love ice enclosed branches but it sure hard on the trees. That is one huge tree that fell over - we had a couple like that during our last ice store a few years ago. None on house, thought (phew!). I love your scarf! Well, and the boots and blouse and leggings and... you look great! So relaxed and happy. Yay!

    1. Aw thank you Nan, your emails and words have been a great comfort... and I have re-read some of your relationship posts (always inspiring and make you pause and consider ALL sides) blessings my friend. xo

  6. Oh my! All the ice is really beautiful-it's too bad about the trees though. It's always sad when such large ones fall down. You look gorgeous out there in it with your fabulous boots and coat!

  7. Dearest Celia,
    That indeed was a big surprise to come home to.
    Love the blouse you were wearing as it looks so much like the iced tree branches that somehow turned into frozen lace work.
    Mother nature is full of surprises and it is also remarkable how quickly she restores the impact of such dramatic impacts.
    We had a soaking wat Easter and now it is full sun, yesterday already partly sunny.
    Trying to stay at my photo scanning... WANT to get rid of all my albums and enjoy them only digital.
    Sending you blessings,

  8. Wow, what an ice storm! I have heard several bloggers talk about it that live in Toronto. I have never seen that much ice and I live in St. Louis and we do get our fair share of winter weather. What gorgeous photos tho, and I love your shawl and patterned top!



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