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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Birthday ... Celebrate YOURS!!!!

For many people birthdays are just another day, their only wish is for the day to pass quickly. For me they were an opportunity to gather friends together and celebrate (often celebrating from the 1st of December right through the holidays and a grand finale on New Year's Eve!), the good ol'days.
Those close to me know that the past 6 years have been very low key, with little to no interest in big celebrations and with only family. I have even contemplated no celebration/acknowledgement of the day - or moving the celebration date. But this year something is stirring, and I find myself looking forward to the 19th.

Could it be that there is something to a 7 year cycle? After all I'm entering the 7th year post accident. Whatever the catalyst to my improved positive attitude and out-look for my future, I'll take it!

Today I'm sharing the gift of what I have learned in these past couple years ...

Photo by the English National Ballet
(pointe shoes by master cobbler Christian Louboutin)
Flats and high heels can exist together.

Experiences (good and not so good) really are what write the book of the University of Life for each person. Depending on how you let each chapter affect you (1/2 full glass or 1/2 empty?), will set the tone for what comes next.

The Universe tries to be gentle in steering you along the journey of your life. If you are not listening it will make sure you listen... for me it came on October 28, 2006. And it's taken 6 plus years to start moving towards the right path. 

Changing one's shoes does change one's life! Each shoe I try is fitting better and better. I know the RIGHT shoe is only a shoe or two away.

What have you learned since your last birthday?