Life After Trauma & Brain Injury?

Yes... there is LIFE after Trauma and Brain Injury! I'm living proof.
You can read about my story  here and here.

Though the journey to creating a new you and life that fit together may be bumping at times, I know with determination, patience, and a positive attitude - anything is possible.

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I'm possible’!”Audrey Hepburn

Physical injuries can be seen and taken care of. Broken bones heal, but a closed head injury is an unseen injury and there are no drugs or techniques that can cure a brain injury, prevention is the only cure.

When the brain is injured, it affects the core of the person, ~ personality, memory, information processing,emotional and behavioral controls.

Family members, friends, co-workers and employers are often unable to understand or sympathize, as the person living with a brain injury may often look physically fine and may even appear healthy and "normal" during casual interaction. This false outward appearance causes a disconnected (as the brain injury cannot be seen, like a physical injury can) between the person with the brain injury and those who are suppose to be their care and support system.

This disconnect can expand into debilitating and frustrating obstacles for the person with a brain injury. Impacting their quality of life, affecting relationships, career, financial stability and most importantly their self-esteem.

Whether you or a loved one is living with a brain injury, I hope that you will find my posts about Life After Trauma & Brain Injury? helpful, motivating, funny at times and inspiring. Most of all I hope that you will realize YOU are NOT ALONE! Nor are you crazy, it's a brain injury not insanity (though it may feel like at times).

Remember, I have and continue to walk the same path you are Creating Me and a Life, after all my careful life plans, dreams were brought to an immediate halt, by a driver who didn't see me crossing a street.

Below you will find links to some of the articles I have written about life after trauma and brain injury. I hope they will inspire you to keep moving forward. And I hope that the links help family members and friends of persons living with a brain injury or after a trauma to gain insight on what it is like for us.

I am happy to answer any questions about my post accident journey ~ just email me at

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