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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Distressed Jeans ~ Yes - Women over 40 CAN WEAR THEM!

There has been a lot of conversation and opinions on whether women of a certain age can/should wear distressed jeans - from blogs to social media and talks among friends. For the most part from what I have been exposed to - it's been a "to each their own" kinda of response. But the small negative percentage was keeping me from giving this look a try .

I have to admit I also wasn't too crazy about showing off skin ... 
but I was drawn to distressed look! Certainly there had to be a distressed jean out there that was a suitable comprise? 

And there was!!!  
I stumbled across these from Forever 21 and was surprised to discover the ripped areas have a panel behind them!! COMPROMISE!!! ... YES...!!!

And they were perfect for a night out in the city with friends ...

We attended a CD release party for Shayne Stolz this summer if you haven't heard his CD you can check it out here - I mentioned Shayne and his angelic voice on the blog before and this CD is brilliant. Also he lives in Toronto ... and you gotta support local talent.

Now back to the jeans ...

Ladies ... if you like the look of distressed jeans - but the whole revealing skin is holding you back, Give these a try ... age really is but a number ... so I say wear the jeans that you feel comfortable in. BTW I'm 50 - and I think I'm still able to rock these ...

Outfit details: distressed jeans:  Life in Progress - Forever21; white top: White House/Black Market; wedge sandals - Stuart Weitzman; tote - Totally MM - Louis Vuitton

You are the curator of your life so live it luxuriously ,

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  1. You do so totally rock those jeans! What I like about life is that as you age, you gain more confidence. Just as you reach the point where you are confident about everything, people say, "Oh no, you CANT do that" (or wear that). Well I've gained enough confidence that I do not care what people think anymore. Of course I don't necessarily like to SEE people more up in years wearing micro-minis and tank tops but I'd still say, "If you like it, wear it and let everyone else go fly." Life is far too short to care! And 50 is young and youthful and a point where we come into ourselves. Enjoy it wildly!!

  2. I am 39 and as I get closer to 40 I hear more and more what I shouldn't be wearing. It makes me a little sad, like I can't have fun anymore or wear what I want. But, I figure as long as my legs look good (and I'm training for a marathon darnit!) I will be wearing my distressed denim!! I think your pair looks great on you!


  3. Wow 50! You look fabulous. Given me more reason to try some out myself! I'll be checking our forever 21 definitely. Jacqui

  4. I think distressed denim can work for any age. You look amazing in it!

  5. Celia, you look amazing! I love my distressed jeans and wear them quite often! But I am really swooning over your top and wedges. They are so gorgeous!

    Thanks so much for linking up with me On the Edge of the Week. I hope to see you again this week. Have a fabulous day!


  6. Fantastic look!!! Make no apologies for looking fabulous! Also adore the night out! Looks like it was a blast!

  7. Great jeans and your whole look is fabulous! I am in the wear-them-if-you-want-to camp 100%. Thanks for sharing, xo


  8. First of all , the embroidered white top is love! Loving the intricacy and the design! I am all for wearing distressed jeans , I have several pair and it is kind of rock and roll!
    thanks for linking up with turning heads tuesday
    jess xx

  9. Dearest Celia,
    You look so radiant and happy and for sure you can not only credit these distressed jeans for that!
    As for me, I will never ever like them nor wear them; period.
    Guess it has to do that I have had to mend tons of overalls in jeans fabric for my Dad and brothers so that anything jeans, that is not looking 'perfect' and without any holes, I bypass...
    Sending you hugs,

  10. Dang straight you can! Looking FAB.


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